Thank you very much Christine. It was lovely to meet you and Debbie. The reading I had today uplifted me and I left feeling good. Blessings to you. Love Laura


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  • medium reading

    The Medium will  try to connect to your loved ones who have passed to the other side of life. We ask that you  keep an open mind during the reading  and be aware that the people you are expecting to come through  at this time may not and other relatives , friends or neighbours may.

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    Spiritual Healing can assist with recovering from an illness. It can induce an extremely comfortable feeling that can bring alteration in the clients consciousness. Angelic Healing can be used to complement any medical treatment that someone may be using, but is important that it is not used a substitute for any medical treatment which someone may be receiving.

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  • healing

    The Medium will try to connect to your loved ones who have passed to the other side of life. We ask that you keep an open mind during the reading. The Reading will be held on Zoom or WhatsApp

  • Connect To Loved Ones
  • Personal Service
  • Guidance on Current Issues
  • Emotional Support
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  • angel card reading

    An Angel Card Reading is about guidance which will show you how to make decisions in the present that will allow you to access everything that is magical and wonderful waiting for you in your future. By listening to the guidance and messages from your Angels you can heal and enhance your life and bring peace of mind and contentment of heart.

  • Guidance On Current issues
  • Careers Finance Relationships
  • Delivered By Email
  • Personal Confidential Service
  • Not Computer Generated
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    All are welcome to this class. Anyone can learn to connect to spirit world, it's not a gift. Students will be guided on how to develop and connect with loved ones who have passed over. 

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    We are happy to travel to you to conduct readings for groups of 4 or more. The Medium will try to connect to your loved ones who have passed to the other side of life. We ask that you keep an open mind during the reading.

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best in ireland

Angels Love are very proud to have been recently voted Number 1 Best Psychics in Ireland.

"Best In Ireland are a team of independent professionals who spend theirr days searching for the best services and products in Ireland." They assessed the best psychic Mediums in Ireland based on the following criteria and we came out as Number 1:

We considered the number of days they’re available per week. Some may only be available via booking.Service The variety of services offered may be limited to consultations or may extend to their shops,


This tells if their readings are precise or spot-on from their average client reviews

They must be able to provide the best value for money, taking into account the entire reading or mediumship experience.We assessed the best psychics in Ireland based on the following criteria:"
We considered the number of days they’re available per week. Some may only be available via booking.

The variety of services offered may be limited to consultations or may extend to their shops, if any.

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Fright Night

star aug11 2012Faith-Hungry Irish people are meeting up to talk to their dead loved ones and get confirmation of life after death. So called 'platform readings' which is what famous Mediums like Sally Morgan do are being arrannged at venus big and small every week and their popularity is increasing. People of all faiths gather and the Mediums who say they can communicate with the souls of the dead get information from the spirits there in the room

They get precise details from a dead loved on such as when they died and what from which leaves the living relatives sitting in the audience in awe and their popularity is rising because 

Mediums like Tom Colton (36) from Dublin keep getting it right which results in word spreading and bigger crowds turning up each week.
The star went to one such reading.......

The star went to one such reading at  a building used by the Spiritualist Uniuion of ireland (sui) in Dublins Kilcarbery business Park where about sisxty people mostly women had gathered. The Mediums were SUI founder Tom dad of 4 , Noel Murray from clondalkin Dublin, Orla Shevlin and Christine Noctor from Swords Dublin AKA Angels Love.

The audience ranged in age from teenagers to elderly, After playing an uplifting song to boost the energy in the room which they say attracts Spirits the Mediums  started picking up on peoples dead loved ones "I am connecting with a real lady whose partner died before her,  two of her children were not there when she passed and she had cancer twice and had pneumonia when she passed" said Tom. He also had two names of people close to her and knew the date she had died and how long she was bed ridden for. A woman in the audience told Tom it was her mother. Tom stood in silence as he concentrated on getting messages and information from the deceased woman. He asked the audience member who had never met Tom before if her mother had a small scar on the top of her right eye and the woman responded "Yes" . Tom also related things about the womans personality which the woman agreed with. He then gave her a message that she is sending here daughter love and is thankful for all that she did for her.

Fellow medium Christine then connected with the Spirit of a Boy aged just three and a woman in the audience said it could be her son, the woman who was in tears was told that the boy still had his Teddy and that he loved his Teddy.

Christines colleague Orla then connected with a woman 43 years of age who died of cancer and who said her Sister was in the audience. Immediately a woman put up he hand saying that all of that made sense to her. Orla told the woman about an eternity ring, a rose tree and a child with a rare skin condition which the woman said all had meaning to her. "She is telling me she has georgeous legs and she can walk now" to which the woman responded in shock "Oh Jaysus"

“Been in two times and both times have been unbelievable. ”
“Was excellent would highly recommend this reiki feeling so much better after just one session”
“Great reading, she told me things that she couldn't have known”
"wow!! had a reading with christine and was delighted with the reading I received, "
“Had an amazing reading with Christine today, my first time to go and i feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”
"brilliant reading spot on with everything,"

WNMH Boston

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