We love  helping out worthy causes with our Charity work as its important to us to  give back. 

If you are considering organising a charity event and would like Angels Love to give a demonstration of mediumship as part or all  of  that event please do contact us.  If we agree to participate in the event we will supply all the amplification equiptment  required and the personell to opeerate it for  our demonstration totally free of charge.  All you need to supply is  a venue and the audience. There is no charge for our service it is totally free. If  we have to  travel over 50 miles from our Dublin base for the event we may request  out of pocket expenses.

Normally we would only  provide this service to fundraise for registered charities but we may be willing to appear for other worthy causes and benefit nights etc.

If you are the organiser of  such an event all we request  you to nominate a perosn for us to liase with. All proceeds from the event minus reasonable expenses incurred in organising the event must be  given to the charity/cause that you outline to us when  you ask us to  participate. We also request that you inform us of the total  money raised at the event within two days following the event. We will publish this total; and pictures taken at the event on our website.

Our Previous Charity Events