Into the third day of our tour and we are having  a ball, exhausted but enjoying everything none the less. Up at 5.30 this morning for todays events , We are guest speakers at a breakfast talk on humanity to kick start the day at 7am followed by the Web Of Light Expo where we will be doing readings . We 're told there are people flying in from New York for readings from us, amazing stuff.Then after the expo we are performing on platform at a gallery evening . It's going to be another long busy day but we are having a ball so we'll deal with the tiredness later.

Yesterday we had an early start ,  5 am we were  up having tea.  Then it was straight to the studio for filiming the web of light TV. show with Angie and Dr Kevin . We had a amazing morning of filming with some humor also . Later in the day we went to do a Radio show in Manchester on WMNH 95.3fm with Matt Connarton .We talked about  the expo that's on this weekend  and general spiritual  stuff.  We declined to do readings live on air , its not something we feel comfortable doing as they can be so emotional  and we like to be with the sitter to offer support and comfort should they need it. . Back to the hotel then for dinner. We had an amazing day. We are really enjoying our time. Late to bed and a busy weekend ahead. Loving it. Have to run now as we have to get ready this  breakfast talk at 7 am

P.S. American cooking is.beautiful as we found out as we went to have a buisness breakfast but far to big portions.