Saturday  our last full day. The day t was filled with work fun and laughter as we set off early to do readings at the parafest had a fantastic morning of readings. Meeting lots of more new friends. In the afternoon we meet up with joan for dinner at an american diner, such fun we had even finding time to bop to the music and contacting our family's back home. After that Angie brought us all up along the coast. Joan was our tour guide. It was fabulous sun shining it was very warm angie stopped at different places we sat on the rocks and relaxed for a while. 
Poor Marion our beautiful friend was taking photos for us. We joked telling her she was our personal photographer lol. We  headed off again and drove right up the coast. Just beautiful seen all the big Celeb's homes even one of the playboy mansions. As we reached the end of the coast we got out. Myself Orla and Marion just had to walk in the sand along the beach. We did walk in the water it was freezing we laughed and laughed even writing angels love in the sand and getting Marion to take a photo.
We then headed back to Angie and Joan and walked all along the seafront before heading back to base as we were nearly home Orla needed chocolate lol so we stopped at a mall. Well as usual Orla got lost, myself and Marion spent 20 mins looking for her but this was while Orla was looking for us we eventually found her sitting with angie. We laughed and laughed over this and the best of all Orla still hadent got her chocolate so funny we did stop somewhere else so she got it after all too funny it was later when we arrived home so we then got sorted for tommorow packed up the last few bits and now to sleep as we have a long day of traveling ahead of us tommorow but what a fun filled day we had with such wonderful friends xxxx