We will  try to connect to your loved ones who have passed to the other side of life. We ask that you  keep an open mind during the reading  and  be aware that the people you are expecting to come through  at this time may not and other relatives , friends or neighbours may.

Card Reading:

 A card  reading will give you an insight and better understanding into issues in the home , your work or business interests ,The current path you are on through life and any events which have occurred in the past. It will also give you a better understanding of your love life or any romantic encounters which may be on the horizon.

We can combine both the mediumship with the card reading in the same session.


 Standard reading price is €50.00 per person .The readings are quite detailed and usually take 30 minutes but can go over .

We ask People to only give  their names on contacting us and no other information about themselves .
We are available for parties and group gatherings please contact us directly for pricing on these types of vevents.
All readings  or treatments given are treated in the strictest confidence
We also offer online readings ,if you have interest availing of this service ,please email or phone us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Reading Guidelines:

Maximun 16 readings per session

No Alcholol Before of During readings.

Photograph of loved one on their own. (no information on photo)

Evening Readings Preferred

30 Minutes per reading

Cost €50 per person.