I have goosebumps, my auntie Patricia came through and a few others, the medium got the name right and all the details, her and my mother were very close and at the funeral my mother rubbed her face, the medium was saying that Patricia said this, and said that my mother was an angel. I didn't know this but when I got home I asked mam did she do that at her funeral, she said she did. The medium was able to describe their walks in bray and she got everything right about her love of cakes and that she knitted and sewed. My auntie had ulcerated legs and she said her legs are fine now. My Grandmother came through who I never met as I wasn't born, she was saying that she was very pretty, and I was asking mam was she and she said she was. The medium new about relatives over in England, and my dads brother came through and she got his name right. My skeptical dad couldn't believe it when I told him, my mother is skeptical too, but when I told her about it she believed it. It was a lovely experience.