Julie D

Would recommend a reading here, very relaxed and friendly atmosphere ! I recieved a lot of information, which i was very happy with , thanks again xx

Angel Card Reading

What are Angel Card Readings?

They can be a powerful tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Angel cards can give insight into relationships, careers and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions. 
Your therapist, will tap into your guides and her guides with your help and her intuition deal the Angel Card reading to help you at this specific point in time. Readings may focus on a specific question or be more open-ended, simply honing in on a general aspect of life. They may also be effective methods of tuning into subconscious thoughts, emotions and visions that can also serve as guidance. 

Dervla Larkin Mcglynn

I was blown away with my reading. It was incredible. Genuine talent, the facility itself is a sanctuary. Thks guys

Angels Love Online Shop

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Nicola Maguire Giles

Meeting Christine was like meeting someone I knew my whole life. I was nervous but she put me at ease straight away. She gave me a lot of comfort & I would highly recommend a visit to Angels Love.

Wendi Lang Beggs

I had a great reading with Christine yesterday, thank you so much you have really helped me xx

Ouija Premier 2016

We were delighted to be invited by Universal Studios to appear at the premier of their new movie Ouija Origin Of Evil.  

The Premier  took place in the Savoy Cinema Dublin  on Tuesday the 18th of October 2016.   

We had a lovely time reading for those present  inclucing Universal Studios staff and Spin 1038 staff who had an outside broadcast unit at the event.  We then watched  the movie.  

A massive thanks to Universal Studios and Spin 1038 fro the invite , we had  a great evening.



Joan Mc Donald

orla was great the best reading I had.  she told me a lot.  I felt great when I came out I would recommend them.

Hotel Kilmore Cavan

Angels Love present an Evening of Mediumship in the Kilmore Hotel Cavan on Saturday the 13 of July 2013. Tickets €15 Each. Further Details to be announced here.

Jackie ( online angel card reading)

Thank you so much for your reading 
I am amazed that you got all that for me and you are very accurate .
Once again thank you 
I am very grateful 
Jackie xx

Longford Arms Hotel

Angels Love present an evening of Mediumship in the Longford Arms Hotel on Saturday the 11th of May at 8 O Clock.  Admission is €15 at the door.  Further Details to be announce here.

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Hotel Kilmore Cavan

Angels Love present an Evening of Mediumship in the Kilmore Hotel Cavan on Saturday the 13 of July 2013. Tickets €15 Each. Further Details to be announced here.

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Kings Hall Article

By Ivan Little

The Belfast Telegraph

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

It wouldn’t have taken a psychic to know I was a sceptic. I mightn’t know my auras from my elbow but the soothsayers and the seers and the prophesiers and the prophets wouldn’t have needed all their mystical powers to recognise me as a doubting Thomas whose psyche at the psychic fair was cynically out of sync with the spirit of the thing.

They could probably have seen my questions coming as I joined the hundreds of people — 95% of them women — paying their three pounds a time to transport themselves into the ethereal world of Belfast’s first major new-age psychic holistic fair at the King’s Hall.

Unlike most of the visitors, I was a disbeliever who wasn’t wondering if there was anybody out there, but rather why there were so many people in there. And I was pondering if the practitioners had a licence to practise what they were preaching. A sort of Special Powers Act, you might call it. Two and a half hours inside the packed Balmoral conference centre with its 48 stalls offering everything from fortune telling, palm reading, reflexology, head massage, metamorphic techniques and homeopathy, to magnetic jewellery and spiritual awakening didn’t convince or convert me.

I wouldn’t say it was a load of crystal balls, but the only thing I came away knowing for sure was that the organisers have a successful future ahead of them with their fair, as the fare on offer was clearly heaven-sent to scores of women who were big into their mediums — even though it didn’t take a sixth sense to tell that they were crossing their palms with fistfuls of silver. In the queues for readings at an average of £30 a pop, tattooed teenagers and grey-haired grandmothers, who obviously weren’t newcomers to consulting the oracle, swapped stories of their past encounters with their futures.

Long before I moved through the fair, I had a premonition that the atmosphere would be laid-back, but there were a number of disturbing episodes. At one point attractive ex-model Elizabeth Logue fled in tears from a medium and her sister Brenda Phillips tried to comfort her outside. At first Elizabeth was much too upset to discuss what she’d been told. Later, however, she returned to the fair looking more composed and relaxed and said: “I was really shocked at first. But I’ve now taken comfort from what the medium had to say. It also amazed me that she knew what my daughter was called and what colour eyes she has.” An elderly man also wept after coming face to face with a medium. He didn’t want to be named, but said: “She put me in touch with someone dear to me. “And she knew more than she should have.”

With piercing eyes and long black hair, Claire Ziritt looked like the archetypal medium, but was surprisingly down to earth. “I never wanted to do this, you know. When I was a child I would have picked up on things and seen things. “It freaked me out. “But now I operate my own psychic practice called Native Spirit and a lot of my work is mediumship — putting people in touch with loved ones who have passed over. Anyone can say such-and-such-a-one is talking to them, but it’s important to give evidence that the person with you knows exactly who you have got.” I asked Claire to come up with a name of significance for me. “Declan” she said immediately and emphatically. I scoffed that she was wrong but within an hour I got a telephone call to tell me a financial adviser I would be meeting for the first time this week was called? Declan.

Leigh O’Neill also took time out from her readings to tell me about her work as a psychic medium, tarot reader and healer. She revealed that a large number of people in Belfast were now turning to her to help them find clarity about why family members had committed suicide. She’s also asked regularly to predict the winning numbers in the lottery and to pick victorious horses in the Grand National. I asked her if Ulster were going to beat Edinburgh in the rugby match in Dublin later in the day, but she didn’t offer an opinion. But I sort of knew the answer anyway ?


Linda Lynch

Had a lovely reading done off Christine today to say this was spot on would be an understatement xxx

All Things Spiritual

Angels love were awe struck at the beautiful energy that was had at the F3 Gym and All Things Spiritual Center  in  Rathangan Co Kildare at their Sunday Service on 9/sept/2012.orla

Angels Love,  Orla & Christine were two of the four  mediums demonstrating. "The warmness of the welcome we recieved from all involved at the centre was really beautiful.

It was our first time at the centre and we really enjoyed every minute of it".

Orla connected with two beautiful spirits who gave such evidance and love from spirit that she was quiet overwhelmed , Orla siad  "it was a true houner to serve spirit at rathangan (and always a hounur) and I am looking forward to visiting again and working with Spirit, karen, julie,  nora and of course the lovely aidean"


Namaste x