World Record

Spiritual Ceremonies will on the 23rd November 2013 at the National Show Centre in Swords at 8pm,  attempt to break the current world record for the largest wedding vows renewal ceremony.
The event is being done to raise funds for the Children’s Hospital in Crumlin and also Laura Lynn Children’s Hospice. The cost per couple to partake is €25. Further details Here.


LauraLynn Fund Raiser



Friday May 25 2012 Angels Love, Christine and Orla and invited guest Mediums Tom Colton and Noel Murray presented a night of Mediumship in the Spiritualist Union of Ireland Sanctuary in aid of the Lauralynn Childrens Hospice. The Lauralynn childrens hospice is the only childrens hospice in Ireland and is run purley by charitabel donations and by its voulunteers as it is not Goverment funded.
lauralynn_raffle There was a fantastic turn out on the night and the connections with spirit were very strong and an emotional but enjoyable night was had by all. A total of €735 was rasied for the LauraLynn Hospice. We had  a monster raffle with loads of fantastic prizes which were all donated to support LauraLynn.

We would especially like to acknowledge and thank the traders at Mother Redcaps Mall Coolock for their generosity.

We also want to thank everyone present on the night who purchased tickets in great quantity in order to help raise as much money as possible for the LauraLynne Hospice

There were four mediums who performed on the night. Christine of Angels Love was first on platform, one of her links  was a very emotional connection to a little boy  who's aunts were in the audience. Christine  said the little boy had been with her all day. Part of Christine's evidence centered on the childs hair,she said there had been disagreement between the family about cutting off the little boys locks of curls,  all the evidence Christine presented was confirmed by the family members present.


Orla of Angels love was second on platform and one  of her connections was  with a  lady who's sister was present. Orla told her that she had a picture on her mobile phone of herself and her sister in spirit world, the lady confirmed the evidence presented .  Orla  got the biggest laugh of the night when connecting to a gentleman who she said wore suspenders, after the laughter ceased she corrected herself saying she meant to say braces.

Next on platform was Noel Murray. One of Noels connections was to a lady who was very chatty and gave lots of information including names and dates which was all validated.

Tom Colton was last to take to platform on the night and one of Tom's connections was  to a young man from spirit world who's friend was in the audience , Tom presented lots of evidence all of which was validated.

A massive thank you to everyone whos supported our event. Mediums Tom, Colton and Noel Murray , Angels love crew who ensured everything ran smoothly, everyone who attended and purchased tickets for the raffle.

We also want to thank the committee of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland who gave the use of their sanctuary free of charge meaning every cent of the €735 raised goes to the LauraLynn Hospice and most of all thank you to Spirit for the fantastic connections made on the night.

Right:Christine and Orla presenting the money raised to Amanda of the Lauralynn Chrildrens Hospice.



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Our Ladies Hospital Fund Raiser Balbriggan (2)

Angels Love - Demonstration of Mediumship will be held in the Bracken Court Hotel Balbriggan on Friday 4th October 2013 to help raise funds for Our Lady's Hospital Crumlin. Entry fee is €10 . Doors open at 7.30pm and show starts at 8pm.

A demonstration of mediumship is an event where a psychic medium stands in front of a group of people, usually on stage, to randomly perform short (three to ten minute) readings for the audience members. This is a live event where people can witness the spirit communication in person.


Tickets for this event are now on Sale. Available from Linda Moore at 84 Tara Court Balbriggan or I can post to where you are or by contacting Angels Love.

Get your ticket early as this will be a Sellout Event!!

Our Charity Policy

We love  helping out worthy causes with our Charity work as its important to us to  give back. 

If you are considering organising a charity event and would like Angels Love to give a demonstration of mediumship as part or all  of  that event please do contact us.  If we agree to participate in the event we will supply all the amplification equiptment  required and the personell to opeerate it for  our demonstration totally free of charge.  All you need to supply is  a venue and the audience. There is no charge for our service it is totally free. If  we have to  travel over 50 miles from our Dublin base for the event we may request  out of pocket expenses.

Normally we would only  provide this service to fundraise for registered charities but we may be willing to appear for other worthy causes and benefit nights etc.

If you are the organiser of  such an event all we request  you to nominate a perosn for us to liase with. All proceeds from the event minus reasonable expenses incurred in organising the event must be  given to the charity/cause that you outline to us when  you ask us to  participate. We also request that you inform us of the total  money raised at the event within two days following the event. We will publish this total; and pictures taken at the event on our website.

Sunni Mae Trust Benefit

Angels Love would like to thank all those who came and supported our Fund raising event  In aid  Lily Mae and The Sunni Mae Trust on Friday night last the 8th March 2013  in InisFails GAA club , Balgriffin , North County Dublin.

You were are a fantastic audience, your energy  made the Spirit connections very strong for us during the demonstration. We were delighted with the feedback we recieved in our meet and greet after the demonstration.

A number of people approached us and said they had seen similar demonstartions on TV but always assume they were staged but tonight we had proved to them with the quality and accuracy of the information we gave from platform that this was certainly not the case with our demonstation. A couple of people made similar comments to both of us.  Those people are no longer sceptical about Mediums which makes us  particularly proud to do the work we do in the way we do it. It is of upmost importance to us to be respectful  and to represent Spirit in a proper professional manner in our public performances and we are both extremely  proud to have recieved such positive feedback from audience members.

A massive thank u to our crew Rachael, Chris , James, Leah and our events manager Grace who all donated their time free of charge  for the event and did a wonderful job.  We would also like to thank InisFails GAA club for donating the room  free of charge last night and the biggest thank you of all to Spirit, You amaze us always . €501 was reaised on the night for Lily Mae and we hope to have more to add from a raffle being organised seperately with the proceeds to be combined with those of our event  so again big thank u to everyone x

Our Ladies Hospital Benefit Night


Angelsl Love were honoured and privildged when asked to help by doing a demonstration of mediumship at st annes gaa club in tallaght on friday the first of March 2013  night in aid of St Johns ward in our Ladys Hospital for sick children , Crumlin ,Dublin

St John’s Ward is the specialist wings where brave children and teenagers who have life-long chronic illnesses are treated. For some of these children, this world of specialised equipment, beds, wards and corridors is their home for weeks and months. For some others, even longer.  Full details HERE

We felt so uplifted and  felt so much love from spirit on the night  night, and the audiance were amazing too ,spirit were so strong  with funny and emotionel messages to their loved ones with lots of clear evidential messages too that left the audiance gasping.

How wonderful spirit are to us all letting their familys know that we are never alone and they are only a heart beat away and when we need guidance all we need do is ask and we will recieve it from them ,

A big thank you to Louise for asking us to take part in the fundraiser,  to all the organisers , and At Annes GAA club for hosting the event ,

May Angels guide you every day

Orla & Christine

Angels Love

Namaste .

Kevin Keegan Benefit Night

We really enjoyed ourselvs at our evening of mediumship in aid of Kevin Keegan. Kevin has Spina Bifida and this event helped raise much needed funds for medical help and support for Kevin and his family. The demonstration was held in The Roundabout Pub, Artane, Dublin last night the 16 march 2013. Thanks to all who came out to support this cause.

We will publish a full article about the event  in  a day or so , in the meantime there are more photos from the night a little bit down this page. 

Angels Love Innisfails Demonstration of Mediumship

Angels love throughly enjoyed meeting all of u at our event last tuesday the 2nd of October in InnisFails GAA  Club. You were such a amazing audiance and were so uplifiting sending us all the enrgy we needed to conduct our work to the best of our ability.


Spirit came through so stongley and gave such amazing evidence of survival to their loved ones. Our spiritual readings on the night were humourus,peaceful and some very very emotionel . We felt so uplifted and hounered to be able to help so many on the night and to help them in their grief. We would like to thank our audience,  innis fails Gaa Club for teh use of their venue ,the angels love crew, our guides angels and big big shout of thanks to spirit who as always did all the work on the night


namaste x

Demonstration Tonight Artane Dublin

Looking forward to our appearance tonight with an Evening of mediumship in aid of Kevin Keegan suffering with cerabel palsy. This event will help raise much needed funds for medical help and support for Kevin and his family. The demonstration Starts at 8.00 PM in The Roundabout Pub, Artane, Dublin.

In Memory Of Baby Ashley




Angels Love in memory of Baby Ashley present an evening of Mediumship in the  Martello Hotel , Bray  on Thursday the 4th of October from 8 to 10.00 pm. All Proceeds from this event will go to support the Irish Sudden Infant Death Association

I.S.I.D.A. offers support to families bereaved by the sudden unexpected and often unexplained death of an infant or young child and to others affected by it. The Association offers information on Sudden Infant Death to families, professionals, the media and the public, and promotes research into the causes and prevention of Sudden Infant Death.

Tickets are €15 each.  There will be  a  raffle on the night with all proceeds going to SIDS.

Isabel Holistic Day

Angels Love will be performing Mediumship Readings at Isabel's Holistic Day 14th April in the Bracken Court Hotel, Balbriggan from 12pm to 6pm. Isabel is a little girl who lost her battle with cancer. There will be lots of activities on the day. The entry fee is €3 and there will be a raffle in aid of St John Cancer Ward in Our Lady's hospital Crumlin .

Benefit Night March 16th

Angels Love(as seen on tv) Present an  Evening of mediumship in aid of Kevin Keegan suffering with cerabel palsy to help raise much needed funds for medical help and support for his family 16 March at 20:00 The Roundabout Pub, Artane, Dublin. Please contact us for further details.

Angels Love In The Zentury Center


On saturday the 14 of July  Angels Love appered on platform as guest mediums for the Irish Medium Roadshow in the Zentury center in Bray Co. Wicklow .

Christine was first on platform and immediately connected with a lady in spirit world with whom a number of people in the audience could relate to the information ,Christine was very quick to get evidential information and broke down the link  to identify the intended recipient. Her humour brought a sense of calmness to some nervous people in the audiance who by the end of her connections were very relaxed .Christine received very personnel information for some of the people present which she could not disclose in front of the audience and arranged to speak to the clients after the show.

Orla was last on Platform and connected with a number of spirits , she was humourous and confident in her work and throughly enjoyed the night . Orla provided very evidential detailed information from spirit world. Angels love would like to thank all who attended the evening and made this night possibel .


Sudden Infant Death Fund Raiser

Angels love would like to thank Diana Doyle and all her family for inviting us to give a Demonstration of Mediumshipto help raise money for the Sudden Infant Death Association in the Martello Hotel, Bray, Co. Wicklow on Thursday the 4th of October 2012. 


Diane lost her little nephew Ashley  at just 7 months of age to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Sids).

It was beautiful to see so many come together to show such support for the family and for the charity. The love and emotion in the room was quiet overpowering in a very beautiful way.  We were quiet overwhelmed by the positive energy from the audience .

During our demonstration  there was some very specific information given  from spirit to their loved ones including a young man in spirit who connected through Christine for his brother in the audiance who told her he was wearing his favourite jersery (Manchester United) when he was laid to rest and wanted to thank his brother for making this happen.

Orla connected with a young man who passed very tragiclly to spirit who wanted to connect with his sister. He told how he passed (private information) and where he passed and also gave Orla specific names of family members.

We would like to thank Diana for allowing us to help with such a worthy charity and hope in the future to be able to assist with this charity  again.

Charity Events

Angels Love are happy to offer their services free of charge to a limited number of Charitable events free of charge every year. If you would like further details please contacts us to discuss your requirements and our availability.  We reserve  the right to choose the events which we are able to support.

School For Africa

Angels Love took to the stage in the Sean O Casey Community Center East Wall Dublin on Saturday the 21st.  The event was  night of mediumship in aid of a bunch of local lads ages 15 to 18 who have decided to give up their summer to continue building a school for one of the poorest areas of the world.


There were six Mediums performing on Platform,  Carol Deans, Noel Murray, David Brophy, Mona Mc Curdy  and Orla and Christine (Angels Love), and a number of other mediums including Monica  and Christina who performed one to one readings . The event was organised by Samantha Acton Ryan with all the money raised on the night going to the charity.

There  was a full house on the night and the evidence given from the Mediums on stage really was amazing, Some funny some emotional and a tear or two was shed  with one lady being gobsmacked  when she was told to get a dimmer switch in her house fixed and another another one told to try harder to get past page three of a book she had intended to read on a number of occasions. In the meet and greet after the event it was obvious that the audience had really enjoyed their night. A big thank you to everyone that participated in the event.