I had a fantastic experience yesterday with Orla. This is the very first time that I had a positive 100% accurate experience. I went for an angel reading but met up with my brother. Hugely emotional but very uplifting. I have always believed but had never before experienced something like this. I am telling everybody I know and would recommend them 100%. Thank you very much. Lots of love Veronica.

I had my reading yesterday witn Orla it was amazing she knew all about my grand parents and there names ( spot on ....amazing )and certain things about my family that no one could of known
Orla is one gifted lady and I hope to get another reading in the future.


Really enjoyed the reading from Orla. Spot on with names and traits and descriptions of loved ones . Definitely recommend her.

"Doing this for the first time and not really sure what to expect, I went in with a free mind. Boy, these ladies are experts! I was late finding the place but I was received with open arms and the ladies were extremely friendly, professional and nurturing. I enjoyed my reading which were really accurate. I recommend Angels Love!
"Great and accurate service. Highly recommended.

I was taken by surprise that my granny was attending the reading, but I now feel so connected to her. And Christine was creating an instant feeling of warmth & comfort. Getting this insightful reading was a wonderful experience, and a much needed guideline for the next 6 months to pursue my goals and fulfill my life purpose. I am now less worried and am looking forward to the things that lay ahead. Thank you so much.

Had a beautiful reading last night. I found the answers I have been seeking for years and I learned some amazing things to come in my future. Cannot recommend these beautiful, amazing women enough.

All I can say is WOW absolutely amazing. Thank you so much Orla and I will definitely be recommending you guys xxxx

these girls are just the best .. never met them before and could tell me things only i knew from loved ones that have passed away and still very much with me xxx ... highly recommend these girls its one on one xx girls i will be spreading the word about you and will be back to you in the furture xxxxx

Hey girls just some feedback on the reading I got on Saturday. The information you gave me was just amazing its unexplainable how much this helped me. As I'm a friend and get readings regularly you would think the novelty would wear off and I wouldn't be as surprised but my god you's never fail to blow me away and get me absolute details. You girls have helped me more than you will ever know and I will never be able to thank you enough. I just hope you know how much I appreciate everything you two have done for me yous really are amazing mediums and are in this business for all the right reasons ... to help people you have been inspirational to me and I hope I can be as good as yous one day. Love you both to bits thanks for everything xxxxxxxx

I had a reading with Orla and I must say that I am very pleased. Orla is amazing and so accurate. I love her honesty. I would highly recommend Angeles Love. Many thanks Orla. 
Noel Higgins.

I had a reading yesterday and I have to say I was amazed by the accuracy of the names mentioned. There were two names which I didn't know so I asked my mother today and yes the names mentioned were family names.  I would definitely recommend a reading and would go back again.
Hi Orla,
Meeting you in Dublin has given me great peace and I now accept that my wonderful dad has gone to a better life but I feel him around me all the time.  You will never know how much you have helped me come through a very dark place in my life.
Your reading was so accurate.  There were things you mentioned that I didn't even know had happened. 
My family was amazed to hear what you could tell me and again it has helped them greatly.
You have a wonderful gift.  Thank you for sharing it with me.
Best wishes always,
Liz Walsh

I had a very powerful and informative mediumship reading today. I was blown away by the accuracy and depth of knowledge I was given. I felt wholly energised and blessed by the reading I got

Just got my reading and my god changed the way i look at everything it was all so accurate i appreciate it all so much!

A most enlightening experience. Thank you so much. 

Amazing lovely people, so pleased with my reading very acurate couldnt have asked for a better one, thank you orla xx

My experience was brilliant. There was a lot the couldn't have been guessed or said by chance. 
I was so happy that my dad came to me.

Had a reading today was amazing some of the things that I was told 0:)

Hi Orla...brilliant reading yesterday..very accurate..names spot on....answered a lot of my questions....lovely to have met you all...would definitely recommend you...definitely be seeing me again....thanks again..Sharon..

I had a reading with Orla and my mam had a reading with Christine and we couldn't be happier, i found orla amazing so accurate she knew things nobody could have known and even gave me names of people it was amazing i left feeling so uplifted and happy, my mam left delighted too i highly recommend these ladies they are brill, ive told all my friends about them and they all want to go for readings now!! Thanks so much again Orla and Christine you made our year!!

Very positive experience, Orla conducts the reading with kindness and consideration. Surprised by accuracy of names and family members mentioned, would definitely return. Nicola

I’m greatly surprised with my session, it was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect and I haven’t even thought that I would hear such things from Angels. I feel  great relief as I could talk about my thoughts. Thank you so much Orla!

Orla thanks a million for yesterday your a gem. You really know how to brighten somebody's day with your fantastic readings. Xxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Orla,
Thank you so much for my reading last week. I was a little bit skeptical initially and didn't want to feed you too much information but as things progressed I was amazed at the things you were able to tell me, things that only my loved ones would have known, phrases they would have used and in some cases, thoughts I have had relating to them that I hadn't shared with anyone. 
I was a bit stunned after the reading but felt incredibly relaxed and peaceful driving home. It felt like a weight off my shoulders. When I got home I wrote everything down that had come up during the reading. Thanks again and I look forward to coming back for another reading in the future. As I'm not skeptical now I have lots of questions to ask them the next time around!
A visit was arranged for four people to attend for Medium Psychic readings at Angels Love. We did not have any preformed expectations prior to attendance. Each of us  found the session to be extremely pleasant and enjoyable. Likewise both Christine and Orla were friendly and reassuring.
We were all able to relate to the information that was provided during the readings which in each case was extremely accurate. It was also really precise and it could not have been assumed or guessed.  
\Kind regards

Hi Lady's I was delighted with my reading I felt my dad straight away as he passed away couple of years back, the stomach area u were feeling was bowl cancer..and there was no way u could of known about the picture frame I was delighted.  I replaced it too the little git..and about Tom Jones that was spot on too well he seems to be having a great time up there swinging them hips

Brilliant spot on with everything.. I'd definitely recommend them to anyone puts a million per cent into the readings.. Great shop too..

I had a reading with Christine on 17th January 2014.  All I can say is, is that it was amazing.  She brought through my grandmother Kitty.  The  names she said to me were all family related and there was no way she could have known about the details she spoke about.  She has a true ability and altogether it was a fantasic experience for me.  I relayed information she spoke about with my sisters and they were all amazed she could have picked up on information that really she couldn't know about.  there was so much information in just that half hour reading it was flabergasting.  Overall delighted and have already recommened her to family and friends.  Many thanks,  Aisling

Got a brilliant reading today from Angels love. I am so happy to know my nana and grandad are watching over me. So emotional but very happy. Thank you so much orla.

I really enjoyed yesterday felt very at peace and was surprised about what came through for me.  

A massive thanks to Orla and christine, the readings were incredible . Myself and my mom were on cloud 9 afterwards. Thanks again Denise and Rachel.

Got a reading today..3 hrs later I still can't speak. Christine was amazing questions she answered I never thought I was going to find out, she confirmed without me saying a word!. Things Christine could tell me that only i knew was just unbelievable.. Emotional mess I was but a happy emotional mess would highly recommend Angels Love to anyone! Thank u so much Christine I can never tell u how much today meant to me and will never forget it! Love em xx

Got an absolutely amazing reading off Christine and orla tonight. Would highly recommend them to everybody. Thanks so much ladies

Absolutely blown away, the girls are so accurate and the work they do is amazing.

 I found the whole experience brilliant. The directions to the place are extremely easy to follow. I didn't get lost so I arrived very early.

When I got there I was greeted very nicely and warmly from everyone there even from people who didn't work in the shop!

The reading was fantastic I would seriously recommend my friends to go.

I paid for a voucher from Living Social deal and it cost me €20. I thought maybe since I didn't pay full price that there could be a chance that I wouldn't get a full reading but I was very much mistaken!!!!

They went over and beyond to give me a full reading and I was given every opportunity to ask as much as I wished.

When I was leaving I had a smile on my face that lasted the whole day. I received a feeling of peace from the reading which I hadn't had in a long time.

Thank you very much

“Orla is an amazing medium, she knew information that no one could have possibly known except for me.  I got a reading, angel cards and pendant, which I was not expecting but was greatly appreciated.  Orla was extremely friendly throughout and put me at ease from the start.  I would highly recommend them again and will be coming back to have another reading”.

Christine is an extremely friendly and from the start put me at ease and helped answer a few questions I had.  I found her a great comfort and got great peace from the session.  I will definitely come back again for another reading and would recommend them to anyone.  Can not wait come again. “

Had a lovley experience. Great to know those who have passed are looking after u. X well worth a visit. Thanks Christine.

I enjoyed my visit very much. Hidden-away place, a lovely find and a warm, friendly reading.

 I had a wonderful experience and reading. A lot of information came through for me and those close around me.  Looking forward to my next visit.

On behalf of my aunt I would just like to thank christine for the lovely and accurate reading yesterday. I expect no less from these fab ladies xx

Hi just wana say wat a great reading today. Christine of angels love thanks so much, it was great, spot on,  really was brill thank you x. X x

Had a reading with Orla and it was amazing and so accurate. Thank you so much.

I had a reading with orla on Sat and my god it was amazing. Got in touch with my dad and stuff she told me was so accurate and something's only my dad could know. Thanks orla highly highly recommend. Will send friends and I'll be back myself thanks Tom

Thanks for the Amazing reading today Christine was lovely to hear from my granda again and get that advice from him ...so grateful to you thanks again ♥♥ xxxx

Thank you so much  the reading defo helped.      Again thank you so much orla your one of the good guys.

Amazing reading with Orla....im on cloud nine, so happy and officially not a sceptic any more. The best gift i have ever got hands down! :)

Thank you for my lovely reading today. Was delighted with the comfort u gave me knowin my nana was there an wishing me a happy birthday. Can not wait to c u again xxx

Got a brilliant reading today from Angels love I'm very happy with it can't wait to go back again thanks xxx

Christine was brilliant – couldn’t have known the things she told me – would recommend to everyone.

After my mediumship it took me a couple of days to absorb all that was said to me. I wrote it all down and read through it several times. It was very true and accurate. I was delighted when my brother wished me a happy birthday. As it was my birthday that week. So many things were said that hit the nail on the head. Things that I didn't even know were true at the time until I checked it all out when I got home.
So thank you Orla for your time and expertise. I will recommend you to others.
Many blessings, Emer

I was very pleased with the reading from Christine who I felt was very respectful when connecting with the spirit, felt she really connected me with my mum in spirit, I took comfort from this and would recommend it.