I had a reading with Orla last Wednesday. Firstly can I say what a lovely vibe in the room, Orla made me feel so welcome. Orla is a very gifted person who instantly connected with one of my spirit guides. The information passed on to me was so accurate it was like she'd known me all my life. It was of huge comfort to me to speak with my mother through Orla. After my reading, which was very impressive, I was advised which archangel to call upon for healing. I had enquired about Reiki or Angel healing sessions. Straight away a provisional booking was made for me and confirmed later that day. I am so looking forward to receiving my healing and have every confidence that my spirit will begin to heal and my life will return to what it is meant to be. I cannot thank Orla enough for the comfort she gave me and I thank God for her gift. I would recommend Angel's Love to anyone who wants to make contact with their spirit guides.
With love and thanks ~ Lisa x