I was with Orla 4 years ago and had a beautiful reading then. This morning’s reading was the most special reading, that has given me so much peace and love. I knew I was to go for a while now as I could hear my Mam telling me to book. As I walked towards the entrance I looked down and found a lovely white feather. I’m holding it now . I knew it was a sign from my Mam. She came through immediately and I had the most wonderful experience filled with lots of tears, some sad , some joyous and laughter too. I felt like I was talking directly to my Mam because everything was completely accurate to names, events , medical issues that were only discussed by me and a doctor. My Mam knew and could relay it back. There were goosebumps and lots of emotion. I can’t recommend this beautiful lady enough. She has an amazing gift, communicating with our loved ones, who have passed over. I’m so thankful to have met her. Thank you