My Mam and I had a lovely experience with Christine and Orla. Would highly recommend ❤️

Thank you Orla for today's reading. I really enjoyed it. Everything made so much sense to me at this time in my life. I needed to hear from my loved ones, and everything you said was spot on. I feel it will give me the push i needed to move forward with certain things I was worried about. Your shop is so beautiful and warm, and I will be back very soon. It was a wonderful experience Thanks again x L x

What an experience have to say I'm very shocked at it as I never thought it was real till today. The stuff they were able to say back to me only me and my dad would of knowing about. I felt 10 times better after it, I'd go back every week if I could highly recommend it. Thanks very much for todayit meant a lot to me getting to hear from my grandad and my dad.

Well what an experience I had with Christine. What a gorgeous feeling in the shop as I walked in and met Christine and Orla. 2 very warm and welcoming ladies who are definitely gifted! My experience with Christine was so profound, at one point it almost reduced me to tears. Some of the messages that she had passed on to me were so specific and personal that no one would really know without me saying it to them. My mother had a reading with Orla and when she came out she was literally in tears - and she is one lady who is hard to please with this kind of experience. She said herself that it had been her best ever experience with a medium. I haven't ever had an experience like it and would wholeheartedly recommend Christine and Orla to anyone - even if its just a wander around the beautiful little shop. Thanks so much to you both! 

Absolutely brilliant spot on with everything thanks again I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders

Had reading done other day and it was spot on, things that only I an family knew she was able to tell me about, great experience an so glad I went...

Had a reading this morning, wasn’t what I expected at all, so emotional and accurate. Just Wow ❤️

From the moment I met Orla she was lovely and welcoming. 
I have had readings before but I was blown away with the accuracy of Orla’s reading. 
Was really good and I actually got shivers throughout reading and couldn’t believe she knew so much detail.
Thanks Orla, I haven’t stop telling people, suffice to say I highly recommend!

Had a reading today with Orla and she was amazing. Would definitely recommend Angels Love

Had a reading with Christine today and it was absolutely amazing she told me things she definitely couldn’t have just known, also a lovely place to go to relax I definitely recommend x

I had the best reading this morning by Orla from my loved ones.. She was spot on with everything she told me.. There was saddness and laugher.. From the time i walked into the shop i felt so camh.. 
I would highly recommend Angels love. 
Thank you so much Orla..
Went with a open mind but with no real expectations- ended up I had the best reading this morning by Christine from my loved ones.. She was spot on with everything she told me.. She is so welcoming and genuine and I couldn’t have had a better experience! 
I would highly recommend Angels love. 
Thank you so much Christine !
had the most amazing reading with orla this morning everything spot on. can't thank you enough honestly lovely woman..

I'm just back from a reading with the amazing Orla from the moment we walked into the shop it had a warm comforting feel too it we also got a lovely welcome off Orla an Christine. From start too finish the reading was spot on everything Orla told me was spot on there was laughs an tears but all highly worth it I'd recommend a medium reading off Orla a million percent I've left feeling so content an happy thanks a million Orla ���

I just had my first ever reading with christine I was a bit sceptical at first an nervous but christine an orla made me feel completely at ease an I'm delighted I went everything christine told me was 100% true an accurate I would highly recommend to anyone looking to get a reading done to go to Angel's love 2 lovely ladies

on Arrival I was greeted very warmly by Orla. my reading was amazing and she validated alot for me. I connected with my sister and felt like I was just talking to her. the emotion was incredible and Orla was amazing. the feeling of calm and peace is lovely as soon as you walk in. Thank you Orla for your amazing gift and helping my talk to my sister again. highly recommended by me Bx

Absolutely brilliant spot on with everything thanks again I feel like a weight is lifted off my shoulders ❤️

Thank you so much Orla and Christine for today 
The energy of love and happiness that surround you is such a blessing and you both are so warm and welcoming and I could have chatted to you both for hours. Truly inspirational ladies and I felt so happy around you . Thank you .
Orla did my reading today and everything you told me today has lifted a huge weight from my shoulders and the things you spoke to me about no one but me would ever have known your gift was a blessing to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have given to me . Truly beautiful gifted and such healing words you have given to me which I will treasure forever ??
I am grateful to you both and everything I needed I was given by you 
Had a reading with Christine yesterday she was so accurate it was amazing.
Brought a lot of clarity to my situation and peace of mind. Thoroughly enjoyed the reading and purchased some incense sticks afterwards in the shop. Highly recommended to anyone

Just had an amazing reading with orla. Cannot believe how accurate everything she told me was. My mam also just had an amazing reading from Christine. Cannot thank the girls enough

We had the pleasure of visiting both Christine and Orla last week and the moment we walked in we felt so calm and welcomed by both Christine & Orla, I went with my sister and mother and all had a very positive and welcoming visit. I was read by Christine and although it was emotional I talked about things I haven’t been able to in 2 years. Christine said things nobody would know and really comforted me. My sister and mother were read by Orla and both found the experience totally amazing and would highly recommend the girls if anyone considering having a reading. We all left feeling happy and positive and comforted. We want to say thank you so much to both Christine & Orla for a wonderful experience, we will be back.

 I was with Orla 4 years ago and had a beautiful reading then. This morning’s reading was the most special reading, that has given me so much peace and love. I knew I was to go for a while now as I could hear my Mam telling me to book. As I walked towards the entrance I looked down and found a lovely white feather. I’m holding it now . I knew it was a sign from my Mam. She came through immediately and I had the most wonderful experience filled with lots of tears, some sad , some joyous and laughter too. I felt like I was talking directly to my Mam because everything was completely accurate to names, events , medical issues that were only discussed by me and a doctor. My Mam knew and could relay it back. There were goosebumps and lots of emotion. I can’t recommend this beautiful lady enough. She has an amazing gift, communicating with our loved ones, who have passed over. I’m so thankful to have met her. Thank you 
I just wanted to say what an amazing experience I had with the reading from Orla last Saturday.
I did not know what to expect and was sceptical. 
Orla made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. It was a fantastic experience and would highly recommend
A visit here to Angel Love.  I have passed your information on to others and will go back for another visit 
In the future. This reading has made an immense impact on my life and outlook and am so happy I went.
Thank you again

I had a reading with Orla this morning&she blew me away!from the minute I walked in I felt so welcome.I was both nervous&excited but the nerves soon disappeared when the reading began.Orla was amazing.I'm still amazed at the things she told me&who she connected with.Several times I had tears in my eyes but for the right reasons!I would definitely recommend going&I will definitely be back again.xoxo

I had a reading with Christine today was amazing went in feeling like I had the weight of the world on my shoulders and left with a big smile and so relaxed such a nice girl everything she told me was spot on things nobody would have known just amazing great to here my loved ones are always around me  I also go to Meditation with Orla on Monday’s it is so peaceful she’s such a nice girl u don’t want to leave the group of people are lovely also the minute u enter Angels Love u feel great you don’t want to go home

Really enjoyed my reading with christine. My 1st medium reading. Christine told me things from family members that she could never of known.
I found what she told me very comforting

Just had a reading from Christine and she was brilliant. I would highly recommend her as she was spot on with everything. I was so happy with the reading thank you so Christine ur brilliant

 I had my first Angel reading with Orla today and I found it a very good experience. From the moment you walk into the room, the atmosphere is peaceful and caring. She is very accurate and gives alot of details, advice and encouragement from loved ones and gives opportunities for you to ask them questions too. I left feeling very positive and I would recommend this to a friend.

Hi I had my first reading with Orla yesterday and was blown away by her accuracy! Every name she mentioned with regards to my family was correct, even one I was not sure about the time, but found out later she was right about that too. She has such a calming presence and I would highly recommend a reading with her.

just had an amazing reading from start to finish i was left speechless will definitely be back you are amazing thank you xx

I had a 30 minutes reading with Orla this morning and I was so skeptical and nervous but I instantly felt like I was sitting there speaking to my Mam! It was a great experience and she couldn’t have been more right about everything she said to me, you couldn’t make this stuff up. I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s lost a loved one, thank you so much!

Had a reading with Christine five years ago and it was totally amazing. Had a reading with Orla two weeks ago and it was equally amazing. It was a great comfort and I have peace of mind for the first time in five years. Thank you both so very much, no words could explain how wonderfully gifted you are. Thank you so much XXX

I didn't know what to expect when I arrived at Angels love but it was an amazing experience. I would definitely recommend it.

Had a reading with Christine, it was amazing, she was so accurate with everything she told me like she knew my family members personally!! I would highly recommend a visit to Angels Love
This is the second time at Angels love. I met with Orla this time who was so lovely in making me so comfortable and special during my reading with her. She brought lots of messages from my beloved dad which I can share and treasure with the rest of my family. I would highly recommend them as a reading.

Amazing reading spot on with everything .. Thanks angels love x

Would really recommend angel love to people

Thank you Christine very much for my sister and niece amazing readings they were so happy and gave them a lot of confort. Again you are amazing xx 

I had a reading this morning at Angels Love and it was amazing and pleasantly shocking.
 Orla told me things that  I forgot about. People who died 40 years ago communicated. I didn’t recognize them at first as I was expecting the most recent people to come through.  I wanted to hear certain message but these spirits told me what I needed to hear.
Orla picked up that I had a daughter with a disability.  The advice she gave me was straightforward and comforting.
Although I’ve had angel readings before nothing compares to the one I received at Angels Love this morning.  Orla is truly gifted.

I had a reading with Christine have to say from the time I entered I was welcomed and put at my ease as was very nervous. I was very pleased and pleasantly shocked with the accuracy. Christine is lovely and I will recommend Angles Love to friends.x

Me an my daughter went to angels love yesterday o my god Orla was truly amazing fantastic experience xxx

I went to see Orla yesterday and she was phenomenal. Orla you have such a special gift that is definitely not taken for granted. I've been going to mediums for over 10 years now and never experienced anything like the reading I had from her. I'm still speechless. She couldnt have possibly known some of the things she told me it was totally amazing. So a massive thank you from me and my mum

I had a reading with Orla last Wednesday. Firstly can I say what a lovely vibe in the room, Orla made me feel so welcome. Orla is a very gifted person who instantly connected with one of my spirit guides. The information passed on to me was so accurate it was like she'd known me all my life. It was of huge comfort to me to speak with my mother through Orla. After my reading, which was very impressive, I was advised which archangel to call upon for healing. I had enquired about Reiki or Angel healing sessions. Straight away a provisional booking was made for me and confirmed later that day. I am so looking forward to receiving my healing and have every confidence that my spirit will begin to heal and my life will return to what it is meant to be. I cannot thank Orla enough for the comfort she gave me and I thank God for her gift. I would recommend Angel's Love to anyone who wants to make contact with their spirit guides.
With love and thanks ~ Lisa x

My mother in law isn’t on Facebook.... but she was so happy with her reading and would highly recommend 

I had a reading with Orla recently and to say I was overwhelmed by the accuracy and attention to detail would be an understatement. I didn't have any expectations going in and left feeling great. The reading was both emotional and humorous with so many personal things been picked up on. Many thanks to the girls in Angels Love for their warmth and kindness from the time I entered the building. I'll definitely be back!

I had a 30 minute reading sorry can't remember girls name I was so nervous it was my first time have to say it was best experience of my life gave me so much peace would love to go again

Had a lovely reading and messages with Christine today. It was a truly moving experience and the messages I recieved from my relatives were amazing. Would definitely recommend Angles Love again.

Had an amazing experience and feel so contented with the knowledge that my loved ones are with me. Can not thank you enough

I had a reading with Orla and I have to say what a wonderful reading it was. Three family members came through and i was so happy to hear from them. What she told confirmed she was connecting with them as i would only know these things. What a beautiful gift Orla has. I would highly recommend going to see her.

 had a 30 minute medium reading with Orla, It has been my first reading ever. It was very emotional meeting. From beginning it was an amazing experience and Orla told me things no one would know. A lot of my family members came through. Some of them I haven't chance to meet ever. Orla was 100% accurate and everything she told me was true. I'm still full of emotions. I will definitely come back.

Had a reading today with orla absolutely loved it spot on she was delighted I went x

Such a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere in Angels Love. It was my first time visiting today and it wont be my last. I had a very accurate and enjoyable reading from Orla. I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to make a connection with a loved one or anyone curious of how the readings go as you are made feel very comfortable and at ease. Couldn't be more willing to recommend them to anyone and everyone! Xx