Very calm and tranquil atmosphere. Beautiful items for sale. Very nice welcome when I entered the building! I had a reading with Christine this morning. She was very kind and gentle, everything she said was so was as if she knew the people she was connecting with.

Before I arrived at angels love, I thought about 3 family members that have passed and I asked them to try to come forward during the reading. all 3 were mentioned by Christine. She spoke about things that people very close to me wouldn't even know.

I was very impressed with the reading and would not hesitate in returning to angels love or recommending them to friends and family. I even left with a little angel that they had on sale that represents someone I think about and miss every day.

It was a very special and unforgettable experience for me.

Was at a reading this morning with Orla.I received it as a gift so went along.Lovely experience and very pretty setting and room.Lovely lady with a beautiful gift.All made sense and few surprises with things that came up.All good.Very happy overall.Made my day.Thanks so much.x 

2 lovely girls made me feel so comfortable, got a great reading and some very important information that I needed to hear, thank you 

Wonderful centre full of real spirit presence. Two remarkably talented mediums. Spirituality is very evident here. Authentic and caring mediumship with love and friendly warm welcoming atmosphere. Recommended.

Had a reading with Orla this morning and was absolutely brilliant would highly recommend visiting these. Orla was brilliant from start to finish and really made sure i got the best of the experience even given my mam a msg or 2 even tho she wasnt booked in for a reading. Thank you for the messages and healing ill definatley be returning thanks again 

I went to angels love today to get a reading done, friend of mine passed on there number saying he got one done and said he could not believe what they had told him about his mum and dad who passed away.
Seen as I lost my own mum I said i would give it go.
Now I never went to anything like this before as I heard over the years with people saying oh I went to one before  and there fake and they try to find out information about you before or while there speaking with you by guessing and throwing random names at you..
So I went onto angels love website and read true there testimonials with all good reviews.. 
So all I done was sent a text to christine
With just my first name for appointment,
Got reply with time and date.
Well wen I started my reading with her she told me my mother was there with us.. she told me stuff about my ma that was on point and nobody would no unless they were family 
She could tell me my father was unwell in hospital too..
Then an old friend came true who took his own life and she could tell me all this to.. she told me stuff about him that was on point to say again she could not have known this.. 
things then got funny as while she’s specking with my ma she had to stop to say your friend was singing 
You will never walk alone 
He was a mad Liverpool fan who got buried in his jersey... crazy or wat!!
Left the place feeling great after specking with both of them
Both christine and Orla are truly gifted women....
Thanks again,  

Had a great reading with Orla last week . Will definitely recommend .

I had an amaizing reading yesterday with christine, i was blown away with the stuff that came through things that nobody would have known and people who had passed over. I was very happy with my reading and felt so much better within myself afterwards. Thank you christine x

Unbelievable..amazing.. Emotional.. Astonishing.. Well worth going

I had a reading last week with Orla and it was very good.lovely atmosphere and very informative.I left feeling uplifted.i would definitely recommend these ladies.well worth a visit.

Had my second reading with Orla this morning. It was as wonderful as the last time. She has a great energy to her and left me with a lot of clarification and closure that I needed. We even had the lights flickering which gave me a laugh. Would highly recommend the girls they have a fantastic gift. Xx

Had a reading last week and have to say I was so happy with it I'd of paid double the money as emotional as it was the lovely lady still managed to comfort me it's not all about the money these ladies care about the client I've been to other mediums who after the session just say goodbye and that's it but not these ladies x much respect to you both xxxx

Had the pleasure of having a reading from Christine from Angels love on Thursday first thing you notice is the calmness and tranquility as you enter their building, I had only entered the room and two relatives who have passed over had spoken through Christine and she delivered these messages for one in particular in a light jovial way as the person was in life and the other was my great grand mother who I had never met but understand her to be my spirit guide , all the information Christine passed on was so acurate, I also had a Angel Card reading again very true and apt, I also had some Reiki Healing and so immediately felt the Stress going, this was very much so a lovely experience on every level, Spiritual, Holistic and with such a warm hearted person who put me totally at ease throughout and who is a very gifted Medium. The Angels Love building is warm , calming and very much so inviting to all. Lovely experience all round.
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