Web Of Light Interview Boston 2017

Interview :  Dr. Kevin Emery and Angie D'anjou
Angels Love  
Web Of Light Expo in Boston 2017. 

Jennifer Martin

I would just like to thank angles love Christine Noctor for an amazing reading this morning and the healing that she done for me. I really can't even put into words how accurate you where and how amazing I feel afterwards. You are both amazing at what you do its truly an amazing gift that you both have. Thank you Orla Harte and Christine Noctor for fitting me in at such short notice and thank you for being such amazing friends. Love the bones of both of you. 

Emer Nolan

Thanks orla for the amazing reading.. you have a lovely energy and gave me a lot of comfort with what you picked up. I was amazed at how spot on you were with Everything. You mentioned a few people I didn't know and I found out who they were after asking my mam  I would highly recommend you. So glad I went today 

Joanne C (surname withheld)

I loved every moment of my reading. I'm fact I actually left on a high. Wonderful reading with so much truth in it. Literally cannot recommend these ladies enough. Best money I ever spent , still glowing after it


Thank you Orla for my reading yesterday. I've had many readings before and yours has been the most accurate so far! I will definitely be recommending you to my friends.

Donna Batt

A really great experience. Both women where lovely one looked after myself and the other my mam. We both came out feeling closer to our lost loved ones with memories only we knew of. Thanks for such a lovely time I'll be recommending to everyone I know .


Orla your reading was amazing thankyou so much. It was such a healing experience . You have such a special gift Orla. Thankyou i.ll definitely be back.

Suzanne French

I had a reading with Christine today. It was everything I hoped for and more. My man came through and gave me some much needed comfort. Christine told me things that only my mam could know. I'm so glad I went. Thanks Christine. xx

Mary Fay

Thank u so much to christine for my reading my dad came through to me and everything u told me was spot on thank u so much wud defo recommend angels love to anyone looking for readings orla n christine amazing work amazing girls xxx

Vikki Doyle

Really enjoyed the experience, sat for most of it in awe but now that I've had time to think of what was said, I have great peace of mind. Thank you xxx

Deirdre Scanlan

What a fantastic reading i got so happy my son came to me , you have made me so happy tonight, I now know my son liamo is happy and he will live with me in my heart forever thank you so much I am 1 happy woman tonight , really am so happy now i know he can r.i.p once again thank you so much xx xx xx

Dionne Hanney

I had an absolutely fantastic reading with Orla yesterday. She described my loved ones brilliantly and made me feel so relaxed. The shop is so calming and both girls are so welcoming and are just really really lovely people. I would love to go back and would definitely recommend getting a reading from one of the girls 

Jasmine Burrows

Visited today and had what I can say is an amazing reading with Christine, completely realistic and such a lovely woman. Can't believe the stuff that was brought up and loved every minute of it , highly recommended to anyone thanks again Christine!

Clare Mc Inerney

Thank you so much Christine. It was amazing to connect with my dearest friend. I'm still frightened but hope all he said and guidance for the issues is correct. Also thank YOU for your '2 wrongs don't make a right' - right words, right time..... You are both wonderful souls. God bless you and your work.

Marian B

Hi ya orla,
Many thanks for the wonderful medium reading last Friday. I'm amazed how accurate you were.
Will certainly made another appointment soon.

Claire Larkin

I had an amazing reading experience today with Orla. What a lovely woman she is. The reading was great got to hear thing I needed too and let know my love ones are at rest. Was told thing that no one could know Thanks Orla xx

Joan Sherwin

The most warm relaxing place to be, I was nervous but on arrival I felt so relaxed and welcome by Orla and Christine!  I wish I could have recorded my session cos it's hard to remember everything!  Loved it, thank you x

Grace Nolan

I have never been to a spiritual reading before and I have never been so amazed in my life for anyone looking to feel a sense of healing or guidance angels love are they women to go to! Orla you amazed me and I am so thankful I got the chance to be read by you  thank you so much again

Aoife Campbell

Thank you so much to Christine for my reading. I was very emotional leaving for hearing all the things you said. The things I wanted to ask Christine all about came through in my reading. Can't wait to go back to getting another reading. Aoife

Elayne B

absolutely wonderful experience. 2nd time for me and both Orla and Christine were so spot on and took such care to help.Thank you so much for all your kindness

Tara Mc Hugh

Thanks Orla for today, I really enjoyed the reading and you were so spot on. I will definitely be back and will recommend you highly to my friends and family. Celine will love her little gift and message, you are so good. I will call by to shop in the store as you have so many magical things. Thanks again Tara

Yvonne {witheld}

I had a reading on friday would definitely recomend angels of love..they were spot on with everything

Rachel O

I had a reading with Orla. She has and amazing gift. I didn't really have to ask any questions, she was so spot on with the reading. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I'll definitely be back for another reading.

Vera Murphy

I had a reading with orla , who was very warm and welcoming and I was very satisfied with my reading. I will return again.

Sarah {witheld}

I had a great experience, really worth it. The girls are amazing at what they do. The stuff they said was so true. Lovely time

Susan S

I had a wonderful reading with Orla which left me with feelings of great comfort. I felt completely uplifted when leaving and the whole experience was positive and fulfilling. I can't wait for my next visit.

Courtney Doherty

Christine and orla are earth angels. Here to help and spread light and teach us that we all have it in us to make that connection. Thank you for everything you do for everyone you come in contact with and keep shining. Love and light Sharon + Courtney x


very impressed with so much flowing and accurate information. very heartfelt and compassionate messages from my father and grandmother.

Katie Connor

Thank you so much ladies for the amazing experience I had with my angel reading. Your new space is beautiful and as always I left comforted and content. You're both such lovely women and thank you for sharing your gift with others x

Noleen Reynolds

I had a reading with Christine a couple of years ago and more recently with Orla. What fantastic ladies they both are. They were both so incredibly detailed about all of my deceased loved ones. They both put me so at ease and gave me the most wonderful sense of peace. I was lucky enough to get all the answers I have been searching for, and more. I'm still on cloud 9. I can't thank them enough and recommend everyone to visit. Wishing you love and happiness always Orla and Christine. X

Leanne Maiben

I had an extremely good reading, everything was spot on, was even able to tell names of people, I would highly recommend.

Leona Dolan

Had a lovely reading in Angels Love yesterday thanks Christine. I felt so at ease and was amazed at the information Christine could tell me that no one else could possibly have known. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Christine and Orla they are so welcoming and lovely ladies.


I found my experience with angels love very comforting. There is a lovely calming feeling and both readings I had were very accurate. Thank you

Bridget Carey

I visited Angels love today and and met with Orla who did a very precise reading for me. Orla is a beautiful soul with an amazing gift for mediumship and was spot on with all she told me. I would highly recommend a visit this holistic centre and wish both Orla and Christine every success in their future. Thank you for the peace and advice i got today. Love and Light Bridget Carey

Lavinia Ruddell

I had a lovely reading with Christine today. She described my Nanny really well. Loved what she had to say she put my mind at ease, really relaxed atmosphere. So glad I went today it made a really shit day end well. Thank you Christine. I will be back. Xx

Laura Raheny

I had experience of been to a medium before who was absolutely excellent. Unfortunately she passed away. I was sure I would never get to see anyone as good. However I went for a card reading with Orla, SHE IS 10 OUT OF 10. I have told my Friends they have made a booking and cannot wait to see her. Orla is without a doubt one of the Best ! Laura / Raheny Dublin

Donna Batt

 really great experience. Both women where lovely one looked after myself and the other my mam. We both came out feeling closer to our lost loved ones with memories only we knew of. Thanks for such a lovely time I'll be recommending to everyone I no .

Dionne Hanney

I had an absolutely fantastic reading with Orla yesterday. She described my loved ones brilliantly and made me feel so relaxed. The shop is so calming and both girls are so welcoming and are just really really lovely people. I would love to go back and would definitely recommend getting a reading from one of the girls 

Patricia N

I did a reading with Orla and it was just fantastic. She is so kind and has such a warm energy, she makes you feel completely at ease. Thank you so much, I will see you again soon. Much light and love to you both.

Karen Murphy

I've been to see these ladies a few times over the years and always come away feeling really comforted. I met with Orla on Saturday and loved every minute I could have sat there all day! 
I'm a believer in Angel readings so came in with an open mind without looking for any confirmation. It's such a healing experience & I felt very positive after.

Linda Egan

I have goosebumps, my auntie Patricia came through and a few others, the medium got the name right and all the details, her and my mother were very close and at the funeral my mother rubbed her face, the medium was saying that Patricia said this, and said that my mother was an angel. I didn't know this but when I got home I asked mam did she do that at her funeral, she said she did. The medium was able to describe their walks in bray and she got everything right about her love of cakes and that she knitted and sewed. My auntie had ulcerated legs and she said her legs are fine now. My Grandmother came through who I never met as I wasn't born, she was saying that she was very pretty, and I was asking mam was she and she said she was. The medium new about relatives over in England, and my dads brother came through and she got his name right. My skeptical dad couldn't believe it when I told him, my mother is skeptical too, but when I told her about it she believed it. It was a lovely experience.

Elizabeth Crilly

Wow what a great day I've been on a high all day thanks to these guys and the amazing mediumship reading I had so so happy with it and would highly recommend them to anyone xx

Jane Smith

Amazing reading by Christine! Had never had any type of reading before so was slightly nervous going in but was so comforting hear from passed on loved ones  she got everything g spot on down to names X

Kerry Cahill Gallagher

Had such a lovely healing reading today with Christine. Both ladies so welcoming. The shop is so peaceful and lovely as is the room for the reading. Totally not what I was expecting, was so glad my mam came through brings me alot of peace knowing she's around. Everything was so spot on!! Felt like I was having a giggle with my mam again. Will be back for meditation. What a true gift you have x

Christopher Cawley

Absoultey Brilliant all day I've just being so happy form what I heard it was great and I'd 100% recommend this place for other people that want to hear from all there Loved Ones I got a great reading today and I'm so happy with it thank you very much

Sharon Latchford

Thanks to Orla for an amazing reading...so accurate...my Mam was delighted and cannot thank you enough. x


My Reading with Christine was amazing - I am still in awe! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift! It's so special to be able to avail of a reading with you. Thank you

Amy Lewis

I got a reading off Christine this morning and I was simply just blown away by it , the girls are absolutely amazing at what they do and are two genuinely lovely people ! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after it and i can't thank Christine enough , I would recommend anyone to go to the girls for readings and I know I'll be 100% going back , thank yous again xx

Catherine King

had an amazing reading today with christine so beautiful .. thanks so much x

Elaine Tighe

Christine & Orla are amazing. They are warm, friendly, totally put you at ease, tranquil. Don't doubt, just listen.

D O Gorman

Another amazing reading with Orla, you will be blown away as to how accurate she is, another very satisfied customer, thanks again