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Christine is now offering healings at Angel’s Love. Christine is a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher.

Healing has many benefits. It can; Speed up the body’s own natural healing ability Help to reduce side effects of medication Reduce stress Help with many aliments and many body aches and pains including migraine Continued receiving of healings brings about increased positivity and confidence in a person.

  These form of healing is very non-invasive and the client remains fully clothed through-out only taking off their shoes if comfortable with this. You lie on a plinth/raised bed with a blanket over you, relaxing music is played and Christine will gently place her hands on certain energy points of the body.

If preferred a hands-off method can be used. It is a thoroughly relaxing experience. You do not have to understand how Reiki or any form of healing works to feel the benefits, however any questions you may have before or after the healing will gladly be answered.

It is €50 per session and lasts one hour. To book or for further information you can call into the Angels Love shop Thurs to Sun or contact Christine on 083 3338906 .

Ask Info € 50.00 1 hour


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