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Date: 27th of August 2017 - 11am -2pm
Venue: Angels Love Holistic Centre
Admin: €50 (non refundable deposit of €20 required to secure your place)
Contact: Alison Whelan
Phone: 085 149 3943
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Would you like to learn more about making your own Natural Products? I am hosting a workshop in Angels Love Angel Shop and Holistic Centre on Sunday the 27th of August. This workshop will show you how to make your own Face Cream for your particular skin type. During this workshop you will learn:
What Essential Oils are good for what skin type
What are the best Carrier Oils to use
The safe dilution for Essential Oils
How to make your own Face Cream
This workshop will be great for anyone who is thinking of beginning to use natural products on your skin, on your family and in your house.
As part of the workshop, I will provide the following materials:
Essential Oils
Cosmetic Jars
Carrier Oils
Mixing Equipment 
This workshop costs €50 and a non refundable deposit of €20 must be paid via PayPal to secure your place. Deposit only refundable in the event Host Only cancels the event. The PayPal address to send the deposit to is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please put a note with the deposit saying it is for the workshop.
Date: 27th of August 2017 - 11am -2pm
Venue: Angels Love Holistic Centre
Admin: €50 (non refundable deposit of €20 required to secure your place)
Contact: Alison Whelan
Phone: 0851493943
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
9th of September  2017  , Angesl Love Holistic Center: 
This Workshop is for Reiki 2 Practitioners and Reiki Masters who wish to greatly increase the healing energy that they channel and who wish to become Certified Seichem Practitioners/Masters. Students will be initiated into Seichem I, Seichem II and Seichem III/Mastership in this Workshop. They will also learn how to initiate others into Seichem I, Seichem II, Seichem III and how to teach a Seichem Workshop. Students are also empowered and taught how to attune Reiki Practitioners, Students and Clients into the Angels of the Violet Flame Initiation. This additional attunement further enhances Reiki/Seichem Practitioners' Healing Abilities. You will receive certificates for Seichem I, Seichem II, Seichem III/Mastership on completion of this Workshop and a manual on all topics covered is included.
Seichem is based on and originated from the same source as Reiki. Seichem is a highly beneficial Healing Therapy for those requiring a much stronger treatment and more dramatic and faster healing both for oneself, family, friends, clients and students.
It combines the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water Energies. Tera-Mai Seichem is usually felt as very hot energy and the temperature reaches such a degree at times that it is surprising.
During this Workshop you will be taught Psychic Surgery and Powerful Healing with Colours Techniques. You will no longer work along side the Angels but with the Angels.
Seichem works to repair the aura as well as the physical body and helps to move through blockages. Knowledge of how the extra elemental healing rays of Fire, Water and Air could be channeled was given to Kathleen Milner.
The Fire Energy works on the Aura, burns through and dissolves blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Water - this Energy reaches deep into the core within the emotional body for deep emotional healing. It opens the heart to receive love and feel compassion.
Air - is a two-fold ray working with both the element Air and the Angelic Realm. With Angeliclight, the healing facilitator is able to work effectively with Angels. Angeliclight acts like an Angel Magnet

Our next mediumship workshop for beginners will be on Sunday 25th of June  @ 11 am.


Contact us for full details

Our next  Mediumship workshop for beginners  is on the 18th of June @ 11 am.


Contact us for full details.

The next Angel Table evening will be on the 7th of July at 7.30  
At an Angel Table evening Anthony works with the Angels and invites your loved ones in Spirit to bring their energy to the table to communicate with loved ones in the room. 
How the Angel Table works is as a group we invite our loved ones in Heaven to bring their energy forward to the table. This is done through singing and laughter to raise the energy vibration to a very positive and loving one, remembering that your loved ones communicate from a place of love and joy. This is the energy we need to build in the room so when you come to an Angel Table evening be open to singing and laughter and the positivity we share.
Once we have built a positive energy vibration a connection is made at the table and we confirm who the connection is for. If the connection is for you we invite you to join us at the table only if you are happy to do so. While at the table you will feel the love and healing energy of your loved ones. As you speak to your loved ones you can physically feel their loving healing energy all around you and in the room. 
Anthony comes from a background of natural and spiritual healing alongside his wife Collette where they have established Source Healing Ireland. Anthony was guided by the Angels to create the Angel Table for the purpose of re-uniting families through the healing and communication which occurs during an event. 
This is a ticket event with limited seats to ensure a very intimate evening with loved ones in Spirit...
As this event is limited to 20 seats (to be fair to everyone) seats are on a first come first served basis :)
Seats 20euro each.....Contact Orla or Christine @ Angelslove Holistic centre :) Or Anthony after 6pm (0858353214)

Our next monthly healing circle is on Tuesday the 11th of July. This Healing Circle open to all levels of healing. You give healing and receive healing. Limited availability pm to book your place

Back due to popular demand.


please contact us for further details

Acupuncture Meditation (Acu Meditation) with Anthony and Colette Thursday 1st June 7.30 to 9.30 Contact us for furtehr details.
Introduction the Angels and Angel Theraphy Healing.
21 May at 11:00
Darndale Belcamp Bell Centre in Dublin, Ireland
Contact us for full details or to book.

Well here we are our last day in Boston we were up early to get ready for our trip back home. It was an emotional morning. We set off to have our last meal with our amazing new friends and of course Dr Kevin picked an Irish Pub called the Irish cottage. As we walked in there was a sign post for lusk saying lusk 4 miles I laughed as lusk is just about 4 miles from my house. We all sat down and ordered having fun and laughter. We laughed even more when orla decides she had to get back in and got under the table is all we could see was Orlas head appearing up over the table that's after she had jammed my leg. It was so funny. After the meal it was time to say farewell to our amazing new friends. Kevin Jeff and Marion. It was so hard there was tears as we parted. Very emotional we have to say. Angie and Don drove us to the airport and we new we had to do it all again. It was hard to say goodbye. Don got our cases out and we didn't want to leave Angie she got upset. But we had to say farewell. We will miss you all. 

In the airport we checked in had a coffee and contacted family to let them know we were all set for our trip back home. As we were going trough security we met rob from Manchester as I nearly knocked him over with my case he told me I needed a license we laughed and got talking such a fantastic guy. So spiritual as as we do I ended up giving him a reading. We were not expecting what came next as Orla's bags were taken to one side when they searched them orla had brought a water gun for her son I was sitting laughing so hard as the officer was shouting for a supervisor orla said its only a water gun. The officer was shouting this resembles a fire arm mam I was creased up and poor rob got the once over too. We laughed and laughed over this. And then as we were heading for the boarding gate we realized rob was sitting in the seat behind  we then spent the flight watching movies and chatting. After a 6 hour flight we finally arrived at Dublin airport.  We passed through the doors to arrivals to see our two husbands Tommy and Phil. And my grandson Dean waiting for us so home at last and the end to our Boston trip for this year. Looking forward to our next one next year we made friends forever.  Well that's the end to our Boston blog. Hope you all enjoyed it. Many blessings Christine and Orla aka Angel's love 

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