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Seichem Workshop

9th of September  2017  , Angesl Love Holistic Center: 
This Workshop is for Reiki 2 Practitioners and Reiki Masters who wish to greatly increase the healing energy that they channel and who wish to become Certified Seichem Practitioners/Masters. Students will be initiated into Seichem I, Seichem II and Seichem III/Mastership in this Workshop. They will also learn how to initiate others into Seichem I, Seichem II, Seichem III and how to teach a Seichem Workshop. Students are also empowered and taught how to attune Reiki Practitioners, Students and Clients into the Angels of the Violet Flame Initiation. This additional attunement further enhances Reiki/Seichem Practitioners' Healing Abilities. You will receive certificates for Seichem I, Seichem II, Seichem III/Mastership on completion of this Workshop and a manual on all topics covered is included.
Seichem is based on and originated from the same source as Reiki. Seichem is a highly beneficial Healing Therapy for those requiring a much stronger treatment and more dramatic and faster healing both for oneself, family, friends, clients and students.
It combines the four elements - Earth, Air, Fire and Water Energies. Tera-Mai Seichem is usually felt as very hot energy and the temperature reaches such a degree at times that it is surprising.
During this Workshop you will be taught Psychic Surgery and Powerful Healing with Colours Techniques. You will no longer work along side the Angels but with the Angels.
Seichem works to repair the aura as well as the physical body and helps to move through blockages. Knowledge of how the extra elemental healing rays of Fire, Water and Air could be channeled was given to Kathleen Milner.
The Fire Energy works on the Aura, burns through and dissolves blockages in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Water - this Energy reaches deep into the core within the emotional body for deep emotional healing. It opens the heart to receive love and feel compassion.
Air - is a two-fold ray working with both the element Air and the Angelic Realm. With Angeliclight, the healing facilitator is able to work effectively with Angels. Angeliclight acts like an Angel Magnet
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