Tuesday, 06 June 2017 10:06

Angel Table

The next Angel Table evening will be on the 7th of July at 7.30  
At an Angel Table evening Anthony works with the Angels and invites your loved ones in Spirit to bring their energy to the table to communicate with loved ones in the room. 
How the Angel Table works is as a group we invite our loved ones in Heaven to bring their energy forward to the table. This is done through singing and laughter to raise the energy vibration to a very positive and loving one, remembering that your loved ones communicate from a place of love and joy. This is the energy we need to build in the room so when you come to an Angel Table evening be open to singing and laughter and the positivity we share.
Once we have built a positive energy vibration a connection is made at the table and we confirm who the connection is for. If the connection is for you we invite you to join us at the table only if you are happy to do so. While at the table you will feel the love and healing energy of your loved ones. As you speak to your loved ones you can physically feel their loving healing energy all around you and in the room. 
Anthony comes from a background of natural and spiritual healing alongside his wife Collette where they have established Source Healing Ireland. Anthony was guided by the Angels to create the Angel Table for the purpose of re-uniting families through the healing and communication which occurs during an event. 
This is a ticket event with limited seats to ensure a very intimate evening with loved ones in Spirit...
As this event is limited to 20 seats (to be fair to everyone) seats are on a first come first served basis :)
Seats 20euro each.....Contact Orla or Christine @ Angelslove Holistic centre :) Or Anthony after 6pm (0858353214)
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