Yoga is a gentle practice to help nourish, love and accept our bodies, to listen to them and discover how to promote and sustain our health.

Each class is designed to tone and strengthen the body, to release physical and mental tension and develop concentration, self-awareness and harmony within. Students are encouraged to move gently and slowly, co-ordinating the breath and the movement which brings them towards stillness and peace.

It is a practice that begins from wherever that may be for each person.  There is no call for over-exertion, straining the body or competing with others. Everyone is welcome, just as they are.

The benefits of Yoga

  • Very gentle exercises, with emphasis on breathing and relaxation, promoting a greater awareness of oneself
  • Improves posture and agility.
  • Boosts energy levels and uplifts the spirit.
  • Deep relaxation helps to discourage negative thought patterns.



  • Improved posture so that all movements can be more graceful and confident aiding physical wellbeing. 
  • Enhanced breathing.  Exercises are given which deepen and expand the breathing capacity. 
  • The circulatory and lymph systems work more efficiently. 
  • Back pain can be helped through the increased flexibility and strengthening of the spine and neck, as well as the building up of the supporting muscular systems. 
  • Joints and muscles are worked with to enhance movement and strength. 
  • Energy levels are greatly helped with an increased overall sense of wellbeing and health. 
  • For those suffering the effects of stress or depression an uplifting of energy and spirit can be felt. 
  • States of anxiety and negative thinking patterns can be alleviated as the practice enables a stilling of the mind and feelings of relaxation and peace. 
  • Tension can be removed from all levels through moving with awareness, paying particular attention to the spine and posture.