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The Wednesday night mediumship development class is open to all levels. Everyone is welcome to this safe and loving inviroment. Everyone can connect to spirit world, it's not a gift any one person is given. Beginners will be guided how to open up to spirit world and how to develop and connect with loved ones that have passed over. Mediumship development has many different aspects to cover. We also listen to each other and have a chat before we start as a clear mind gives a better clear channel to spirit world. So please feel free to join in this wonderful evening of guidance to develope your connection with spirit. And lots more. No pre-booking is necessary. Just feel free to come along. Every wednesday night from 8 to 10 In our Holistice Center Love and light. Contact Christine on 0833338906 for Details
Thursday, March 14, 2013 4643
This class is all about you,too often we give of ourselves and tend to forget about us. Our class is 2 hours of healing the mind body and spirit. We open the evening by sending healing to ourselves and to those in need. We all recieve an angel message through the angelic guidance book. We go on to the crystal of the week learn its origins and its healing properties. We discuss the philisophy of spiritulism and the great ambassadors of the past , proceeding then to practicing 3 mindfulness exercises being mindfull of the task in hand and the present moment only followed by a guided meditation . Relax and unwind as our beautiful meditation takes you to a place of peace and tranquility. Meditation has many benifits including lowering of blood pressure ,relieving anxiety and depression are just but a few .It also helps us have a more positive outlook and feeds our spirit with love . If you are interested in joining our meditataion class or would like further details please contact Orla on 087 974 8311
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Angels Love Angel Classes are currently held every Friday morning from 11.30 am to 1.00pm . Christine is the tutor for these classes and will teach you to read Angel Cards and much more. We also have a Mediumship Class every Wednesday night in the Darndale Belcamp Community Center from 8 pm to 10pm If you and interested in participating in any of our Angel Classes or would like further information please contact Christine on 083 333 8906.

All Angels Love Classes are pay weekly as you go , no commitment to attend every week required, you can dip in and out as your schedule allows.

For further details on any of our Classes please contact Christine on O83 333 8906 or Orla on 086 974 8311 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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