Angels Love took to the stage in the Sean O Casey Community Center East Wall Dublin on Saturday the 21st.  The event was  night of mediumship in aid of a bunch of local lads ages 15 to 18 who have decided to give up their summer to continue building a school for one of the poorest areas of the world.


There were six Mediums performing on Platform,  Carol Deans, Noel Murray, David Brophy, Mona Mc Curdy  and Orla and Christine (Angels Love), and a number of other mediums including Monica  and Christina who performed one to one readings . The event was organised by Samantha Acton Ryan with all the money raised on the night going to the charity.

There  was a full house on the night and the evidence given from the Mediums on stage really was amazing, Some funny some emotional and a tear or two was shed  with one lady being gobsmacked  when she was told to get a dimmer switch in her house fixed and another another one told to try harder to get past page three of a book she had intended to read on a number of occasions. In the meet and greet after the event it was obvious that the audience had really enjoyed their night. A big thank you to everyone that participated in the event.