Our Ladies Hospital Benefit Night

Angels Love were honoured and privildged when asked to help by doing a demonstration of mediumship at st annes gaa club in tallaght on friday the first of March 2013  night in aid of St Johns ward in our Ladys Hospital for sick children , Crumlin ,Dublin

St John’s Ward is the specialist wings where brave children and teenagers who have life-long chronic illnesses are treated. For some of these children, this world of specialised equipment, beds, wards and corridors is their home for weeks and months. For some others, even longer.  Full details HERE

We felt so uplifted and  felt so much love from spirit on the night  night, and the audiance were amazing too ,spirit were so strong  with funny and emotionel messages to their loved ones with lots of clear evidential messages too that left the audiance gasping.

How wonderful spirit are to us all letting their familys know that we are never alone and they are only a heart beat away and when we need guidance all we need do is ask and we will recieve it from them ,

A big thank you to Louise for asking us to take part in the fundraiser,  to all the organisers , and At Annes GAA club for hosting the event ,

May Angels guide you every day

Orla & Christine

Angels Love

Namaste .

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