graham parkinson benefit

Angels Love had a most enjoyable evening at the Benefit night in the Avenue Club Parnell square Dublin last night are are delighted to learn that a total of €1300  was raised on the night.  

This event was organised by Alison and Elaine as a fund raiser for  Graham Parkinson ,a young man who is batteling cancer. They invited angels love to participate in the evening . We were happy to do the show totally free of charge. 

The night started off with a demonstration of Mediumship by Orla and Christine of Angels Love and finished with an Oldies Disco .

There was a mixture of sad and humerous connections and they were very well recieved by the audience. Orla and Chrisde made 3 connections each and then doubled up for the last connection which was made using a photograph given by an audience memeber of their loved one.

With the serious businees of mediumship out of the way every one let their hair down with an oldies disco with the Angels Love technical staff supplying the sounds, not something we usually do in our shows but we agreed to do it this time  so that all fund raised could go  to the fund for Graham and we even took to the floor ourselves.

A big thank you to everyone that made it such an enjoyable evening and of course to Spirit for allowing us do what we do.


Here is Graham's Story in his own words.

Hi, my name is Graham Parkinson From Dublin Ireland, I am 20 years old and I have been battling cancer for the last six and a half years. I have a rare tumour in my lower back, it is called a malignant peripheral nerve sheath.

I first discovered I had cancer in the year 2007. I wasn't able to go the toilet as I felt a lot of pain. I was taken to Temple Street Hospital where they found the pain was coming from a tumour in my lower back. I was transferred to Our Lady's Hospital in Crumlin to start chemotherapy treatment. I was just fourteen, still a child and terrified of the unknown. The nurse inserted a Hickman line so they could administer chemotherapy or other medications. Mum and I called it "FREDDIE".

Soon after this I went to St. Luke's for radiotherapy. I have been to the UK twice for surgery to an Orthopaedic Hospital. The rollercoaster of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery has left its mark both physically and emotionally on me and my family. Mum has been my rock every step of the way. I know most people adore their mother’s but I have been blessed with the best. She has been by my side through it all even if that meant sleeping on chairs in hospitals beside me for all for years. I thank God for her as I don’t think I could have got this far without her.<

I left school at a young age and the constant treatments and operations took away my dream of playing football. Football was all I could think about while I was going through treatment. I was constantly asking the doctors when I would be able to get back to playing football. It was all I wanted.

Cancer took away most of my childhood. I suppose I did not realise at the time how serious my condition was but I could see all of my friends out playing football, enjoying themselves with not a care in the world while I was in stuck in hospital for long periods of time. I couldn’t understand why this happened to me, why not leave me alone.

After what seemed like an endless amount of treatments I was clear of cancer for nearly 4 years and I immediately got back to playing football. I was so happy, I felt I could get on with my life. Then in April of last year we were hit with another bombshell when the doctor gave us the results of my MRI scan. The cancer was back. It was a nightmare, my 3rd time why me again, why did the cancer come back when I was at a happy time of my life.

I was sent over to the UK to discuss treatments and surgery. I had severe pain all over my body and I learned the surgeon could not operate on me because the tumour had grown too big. I am just 20 years old, I have tried to make lifestyle changes for with my diet and exercise so that I can keep going on living as I am.
I am desperately trying to raise the money to go to a hospital in Germany for the treatment needed to shrink this tumour. The treatment is not available in Ireland. If you can help me in any way possible I would be more that grateful. This treatment is my only hope and it could possibly save my life.

Love Graham

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