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Our Latest Testimonials

Rachel Maguire

I had a reading done with orla today she was spot on with everything she told me and also a lovely lady with a big heart was so happy would highly recommend angels love

Laura SBX

I had an amazing and fantastic reading yesterday with Christine.
She told me so many things about myself and my family and she gave me so many details even thoughts and facts I never told to anyone.
I definitely can tell that there is a "before Christine's reading" and an "after Christine's reading".
My perspective of life will never be the same. Thank you so much for your help. My faith has never been that real and beautiful. Thank you.

Kellie Hannigan

Such a good reading with christine  these girls are amazing !! Xx

Sherin Hughes

I had a reading of Orla yesterday and she was absolutely amazing spot on an knew things she couldn't have. I was very pleased and relaxed leaving angels love and I am so greatful for the connection she made between me n my beautiful mother who passed over 4 years ago. Thank you so much would highly recommend these ladies

Vera Igoe

had amazing reading today everything spot on will be coming again thank you

Gillian Hogan

Had an amazing reading done from Christine yesterday.. she is brilliant and such a lovely lady. couldnt of asked for a better reading got all the answers I was looking for. thank you so much xxxxxx

Danielle Donoghue

Was with these 2 lovely lady's today and all I have to say is amazing  everything spot on and deadly best ever really enjoyed my reading even doh I sobbed best part of it , there so down to earth and lovely highly recommend them beautys

Ally Maher

Absolutely amazing reading with Orla, the things Orla spoke about brought me so much comfort  thanks for a great experience will definitely be back x

Leanne O Hare

Thanks so much to Orla & Christine for our amazing readings tonight! Couldn't recommend them both enough, Loved every minute!

Upcoming Events

sound healing

Introduction To Sound Healing Workshop

Healing with sound is believed to date back to ancient Greece, when music was used in an attempt to cure mental disorders. Throughout history, music has been used to boost morale in military troops, help people work faster and more productively, and even ward off evil spirits by chanting. More recently, research has linked music to a number of health benefits, from boosting immune function and lowering stress levels to improving the health of premature babies.

If you feel drawn to Sound Therapy and would like to learn, discover and experience it's many benefits then this day is for you; My aim is to journey through this wonderful day with you and delve into the origins of sound healing, how it works, different forms of sound healing, it's benefits and learn how to do a treatment using one of the singing bowls, all whilst enjoying a relaxed and informal space. This day is open to everyone, whether you would just like to learn more, spend some relaxing time with like minded people or if you are already a therapist looking to incorporate something new into your practices, you are ALL welcome!

Throughout the day you will also get to experience playing with the singing bowls, some meditation, some practice on each other before wrapping the day up with a heavenly sound bath (you will get to just lie back and soak up all the beautiful healing sounds & vibrations)! By the end of the day you will not only feel more relaxed and happy but you will also have a better understanding of how the singing bowls work and know how to give a sound healing session with one singing bowl.

This can be used for yourself, friends & family or incorporated with other therapies you are trained in. Self Investment - €105 (€95 if deposit booked by 25th Jan) & includes light refreshments, training, course materials, ongoing support & certificate of completion (it can be done as a stand alone day or to go onto practitioner level). I am limiting the places to just 7 so I can dedicate ample time to each of you and ensure we have some fun along the way! I also love to allow for some free form to emerge which means being open to where the day leads us too.

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL DUE TO ONLY 7 AVAILABLE PLACES. Booking deposit of €50 secures your place and can be made here http://ahimsa.ie/product/workshops-classes/ If you feel particularly drawn to taking this course but feel finances may be limiting you please contact me on beth@ahimsa.ie as I am happy to arrange something with you that suits better.

Where there is a will, there is a way!

Beth @ Ahimsa x

angel table

Angel Table February 2020

February 20th  @ 7.30 to 10.00 pm

Angels Love Holistice Center


What is special and unique about the Angel Table is that you personally get to feel the love and support of your loved ones once again around a table through the love and guidance of the Angels. The concept of the Angel Table is built around the idea of family coming together at home around the table to sit, laugh, love, cry, share and support each other. Through the Angel Table you can still feel this connection with your loved ones in Heaven.
At an Angel Table evening Anthony works with the Angels and invites your loved ones in Spirit to bring their energy to the table to communicate with loved ones in the room.

How the Angel Table works is as a group we invite our loved ones in Heaven to bring their energy forward to the table. This is done through singing and laughter to raise the energy vibration to a very positive and loving one, remembering that your loved ones communicate from a place of love and joy. This is the energy we need to build in the room so when you come to an Angel Table evening be open to singing and laughter and the positivity we share.
Once we have built a positive energy vibration a connection is made at the table and we confirm who the connection is for. If the connection is for you we invite you to join us at the table only if you are happy to do so. While at the table you will feel the love and healing energy of your loved ones. As you speak to your loved ones you can physically feel their loving healing energy all around you and in the room.
Anthony comes from a background of natural and spiritual healing alongside his wife Collette where they have established Source Healing Ireland. Anthony was guided by the Angels to create the Angel Table for the purpose of re-uniting families through the healing and communication which occurs during an event.

This is a ticket event with limited seats to ensure a very intimate evening with loved ones in Spirit...

As this event is limited to 20 seats (to be fair to everyone) seats are on a first come first served basis :)

Seats 20euro each.....Contact Orla 086 974 8311 or Christine 083 333 8906 Angelslove Holistic centre :) Or Anthony after 6pm (0858353214)

Past Life Regression Workshop March 2020

past life regression1
Sunday March 8th
10 am to 4 pm
Angels Love Holistice center
Experiencing your own past life in a group regression. This experiential workshop shows you how to guide yourself into and around your past lives and to use regression as a self-healing tool. By working with past life information it is possible to release old phobias and fears, transform difficulties in relationships, resolve power and money issues, reconnect with past skills and recognise soulmates.
This one day workshop focuses on various aspects of Past Life Regression Therapy and includes:

• Experiencing your own past life in a Group Regression
• Understand the process of what is involved in Past Life Regression Therapy
• Overcome and heal blockages from the past which are limiting you in your current life

Mediumship Developement Beginners Workshop February 2020

advanced mediumship

Beginners workshop in Mediumship.

2 Day course

Saturday 15th February 10 am to 4 pm
Sunday 16th February 10 am to 4 pm

Do you have Spirit contact already?
Do you suspect you have abilities but feel stuck?
Do who wish to be able contact a loved one?

You dont have to have experience,  just be serious to learn and allow spirit to work alongside you.

This workshop will cover all aspects of mediumship
What is Spiritualism and what it means to you
What is Mediumship?
Opening your senses
Mental Mediumship
Physical Mediumship
Tools to make the connection
The importance of evidence in mediumship

Raising your vibration and opening your senses.
Tools for linking with Spirit
Receiving messages
Trusting what you receive from spirit.

Everyone will recieve a manual and certificate of attendance.

Angels Love events


Angels Love has featured on Tv , Radio and in the printed media.
Celebrity Salon TV3

Angels Love conducted readings for some of Irelands most famous faces as they did battle in The Celebrity Salon reality tv show.

Web Of Light TV Boston

As part of our 2017 trip to the USA we were interviewed on the Web Of Light Tv Show, Boston, by Dr. Kevin Emery and Angie D'anjou.

4 FM Dublin

Chritine & Orla (Angels Love) joined fellow medium Tom Colton at the Leprecaun Museum, Dublin, at halloween 2011 for a paranormal investigation.

There was some very strange happenings that night you can listen to it all here and view at the video below.

Irish Daily Star

Irish |Daily Star Faith-Hungry Irish people are meeting up to talk to their dead loved ones and get confirmation of life after death. So called 'platform readings' which is what famous Mediums like Sally Morgan do are being arranged at venus big and small every week and their popularity is increasing.

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We Are Here

W.M.N.H Boston


This Interview was broadcast live on the 21st April 2007 on WMNH on our USA tour

USA Tour 2017

Day 1



In May 2017 we were invited to the USA to do some TV and Radio Work and to participate in a spiritual fair and do some charity events. This is a day by day account of our trip.

The day has arrived and we are on our way to The USA .  

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USA Tour 2017

Day 2

Well we arrived in one piece at 6.03 irish time,the flight was fantastic.0n arrival We met our host and went for something to eat. We then went to check out the venue for the Webof Light Expo then to show us the hotel.  We didnt do much else apart from chatting to Angie and Dr. kevin , it had been a long day by the time we got to bed and we were wrecked. 
 Awake at 5 A.M. this morning. We're doing a TV. show this morning and a radio show later today in Manchester  as well so we have  busy morning ahead. The expo starts tomorrow so we hope to get an early night tonight as we have  a hectic schedule for the next few days.  It eases off a little for some touristy stuff next week.  More of that later were really looking forward to  it. we'll update again tomorrow

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Day 2
USA Tour 2017

Day 3

Into the third day of our tour and we are having  a ball, exhausted but enjoying everything none the less. Up at 5.30 this morning for todays events , We are guest speakers at a breakfast talk on humanity to kick start the day at 7am followed by the Web Of Light Expo where we will be doing readings . We 're told there are people flying in from New York for readings from us, amazing stuff.Then after the expo we are performing on platform at a gallery evening . It's going to be another long busy day but we are having a ball so we'll deal with the tiredness later.

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Day 3
USA Tour 2017

Day 4

The Breakfast talk on humanity yesterday was really thought provoking and inspiring. It was lovely to have  a chat over breakfast with like minded people. We went straight from breakfast to the Web Of Light Expo for a very full day of readings , our clients who flew in from New York arrived , still cant get over that.  The readings went very well and feedback has been excellent which we are very happy about as we realise  our energy levels are through the floor with the hectic schedule since our arrival and adjusting to the time zone.  

A quick bite to eat and freshen up after the the expo and then it was into an intimate gallery  (platform) session with 30 pre booked attendees. again the links were strong and the evening went well. Following the gallery session there was a demonstration of drumming which we attended, that took us to the end of our very full  day,   Today Sunday is the final day of the expo , we are fully booked for readings all day  but our schedule eases off from Monday .

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Day 4
USA Tour 2017

Day 5

Yesterday Sunday was the final day of the Web Of Light Expo. we were both up again at 5 AM. even though we could have had  another hour or two in bed but I think we are still on irish time. we had a  light breakfast and then it was straight into another full day of one to one readings.  We don't know where the energy is coming from ( we do really as we've asked the angels to help keep us going) but the connection were so strong all day. Another brilliant day of readings.  It was dinner then and a catch up with family and  we were only fit for bed.  

The schedule has been hectic since we left home last Thursday morning but today we are having a day off from work ,  We are going on a road trip to visit a native american resrvervation , we are really looking forward to that.


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Day 5
USA Tour 2017

Day 6

Road Trip

Pretty sure its Monday and we had a  fabulous day off today and a slightly  later start to our day. We left our base  at 8.15AM to visit to the Indian reservation. we  spent most of the day there, it's normallly closed this time of year but our hosts arranged  a private tour of the reservation including the museum, WOW! it was amazing. We also  got to do a healing trail as well. Then had lunch and headed up into the mountains it was something else. The view says it all,(see pictures) . We even had time to have a snowball fight when I say we laughed till we cried is an understatement.  The story's were so funny. We had dinner around 8.30 and got back to base at 12.30 AM.

Today Tuesday is the day which we have  dedicated to raising some money for charity.   Our chosen charity is Friends Forever, we have pre booked one to one readings this afternoon followed by a gallery platform demonstration of mediumship in Mels Irish bar  with 100% of the proceeds going to the charity. 

Here's some photos of our day. Such a very warm sunny day. Brilliant 

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Day 6
USA Tour 2017

Day 7

We had  a nice relaxing morning before going for lunch with Angie, Marion and Dr. Kevin Emery, our hosts. This was the day we dedicated to do some charity work on our tour.  Our chosen charity was Friends Forever which promotes trust, empathy, and friendships among cultures in conflict by recruiting and selecting highly motivated youth from these areas to participate in a year-long program that includes a two-week training in select U.S. Host Communities. .  

The venue for this was Mel Flanagans  irish cafe and bar in Rochester New Hampshire about a two hour drive from our base.  Immediately after Lunch headed off to Mels. The wether was bad, heavy rain today but we were so happy to be able to help this wonderful charity . Mel will let us know how much was raised asap. We had a wonderfull night and made so many new friends. We want to say a huge thank you to Mel fore her hospitality can't wait to have our lovely home made brown bread and jam in the morning. Heading to Boston today and out for more readings tonight, busy day ahead. We will have more photos to follow.

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Day 7
USA Tour 2017

Day 8


A  day off today so we set out for Boston city this morning,  when we arrived it was raining heavy so we went for coffee at Starbucks  we so wanted a photo with a Boston cop  and as we were waiting on our coffees one walked in so our friend Marion asked him if we could a the picture with him explaining we were from Ireland he said yes,  Of course us being us we ended up given him a reading. Poor lad was in shock and thanked us so much.

Afterward we headed out for some shopping it was still  raining heavily and we got soaked,  hair dripping wet.  Only Orla could turn around and ask if any of us wanted pure water. We just laughed and say really we had had pure water  raining on us for hours lol such a funny day got lots of pictures taking as we sang singing in the rain dancing along   As our day came to a close we ended up in an Irish pub for dinner such a wonderful place real Irish food another fun filled day doing what we love so another full day ahead tomorrow. 


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Day 8
USA Tour 2017

Day 9

Gound Zero :

Such an emotional day. - Ar dheis Dé go raibh a n-anamnach - May they rest in peace

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Day 9
USA Tour 2017

Day 10

Friday. Again already. We had a busy morning of readings here at the wolf healing center and the sun is shining,  very warm in the afternoon we went out for dinner with two fantastic new friends Marion and Jo Ann  and of course some last minute shopping at Walmart.

When we arrived back we were then whisked away by dr Kevin and his Fiancé Jeff with our maid Marion in Kevin's convertible for some ice cream singing love songs and Irish ballads such great fun we had the photos says it all we laughed so much then back to do another reading we then had chinise food just after this we had the funniest game of cards ever. Orla s cheating got her no where as I won lol we laughter so much her face was priceless a great end to a perfect day we needed it after a very emotional day yesterday such good company long day ahead tommorow as we are doing readings at the parifest so we need some sleep so sweet dreams

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Day 10
USA Tour 2017

Day 11

Saturday  our last full day. The day t was filled with work fun and laughter as we set off early to do readings at the parafest had a fantastic morning of readings. Meeting lots of more new friends. In the afternoon we meet up with joan for dinner at an american diner, such fun we had even finding time to bop to the music and contacting our family's back home. After that Angie brought us all up along the coast. Joan was our tour guide. It was fabulous sun shining it was very warm angie stopped at different places we sat on the rocks and relaxed for a while. 
Day 11
USA Tour 2017

Day 12

Well here we are our last day in Boston we were up early to get ready for our trip back home. It was an emotional morning. We set off to have our last meal with our amazing new friends and of course Dr Kevin picked an Irish Pub called the Irish cottage. As we walked in there was a sign post for lusk saying lusk 4 miles I laughed as lusk is just about 4 miles from my house. We all sat down and ordered having fun and laughter. We laughed even more when orla decides she had to get back in and got under the table is all we could see was Orlas head appearing up over the table that's after she had jammed my leg. It was so funny. After the meal it was time to say farewell to our amazing new friends. Kevin Jeff and Marion. It was so hard there was tears as we parted. Very emotional we have to say. Angie and Don drove us to the airport and we new we had to do it all again. It was hard to say goodbye. Don got our cases out and we didn't want to leave Angie she got upset. But we had to say farewell. We will miss you all. 

In the airport we checked in had a coffee and contacted family to let them know we were all set for our trip back home. As we were going trough security we met rob from Manchester as I nearly knocked him over with my case he told me I needed a license we laughed and got talking such a fantastic guy. So spiritual as as we do I ended up giving him a reading. We were not expecting what came next as Orla's bags were taken to one side when they searched them orla had brought a water gun for her son I was sitting laughing so hard as the officer was shouting for a supervisor orla said its only a water gun. The officer was shouting this resembles a fire arm mam I was creased up and poor rob got the once over too. We laughed and laughed over this. And then as we were heading for the boarding gate we realized rob was sitting in the seat behind us.lol.  we then spent the flight watching movies and chatting. After a 6 hour flight we finally arrived at Dublin airport.  We passed through the doors to arrivals to see our two husbands Tommy and Phil. And my grandson Dean waiting for us so home at last and the end to our Boston trip for this year. Looking forward to our next one next year we made friends forever.  Well that's the end to our Boston blog. Hope you all enjoyed it. Many blessings Christine and Orla aka Angel's love 

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Day 12