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We are two Spiritual Mediums ( Christine & Orla). from North County Dublin Ireland.  We are based in our own Angel shop and Holistic Center in Dublin 17.  Rather than promote ourselfs in this short bio we suggest you read the testimonials further down this  page to get an idea of the kind and quality of service we deliver.  These Testimonial are all from clients who have come to us for readings and healing.

Angels Love was formed in 2010 when Orla and Christine met through their children, They discovered that they had a mutual interest in spiritualism and started to develop their Mediumship by attended classes and workshops . In 2011 they started conductiong medium  readings for groups .  In 2012 they opened their first Angel Shop in a  indoor market in Coolock. Also in 2012 they were invited to read for the participants of Celebrity Salon an Irish TV show, these readings were broadcast as part of the show,  you can see the editied versions of  readings which went to air below under the T.V. heading 

In 2014 the market where the shop was located closed down and Angels Love moved  to a new shop in Artane , North Dublin. They were there for a few months when the shop was burgled and set on fire, The shop was gutted and all stock fixtures and fitting was totally destroyed.

In August 2015 they started again from scratch with a shop and Holistice Center in The Darndale Belcamp Village centre in Dublin 17 which is where they still are today. It's been quite  a journey but we believe everthing happens for a reason , we love the work we do and plan to continue for as long as the Angels allow us to work with them.
We are always happy to help out Charities in any way we can. All our charity work is done completely free of charge, its charity. Check out the Charity tab on the site menu for details of all our Charity work. 
Our Services include Medium Reading, Angel Therapy Healing, and  Online Angel Card Readings , Reiki, Meditation, Development Classes . If you would like further information about any of our services please contact us or better still call into us for a chat ,we'd love to hear from you.



Ouija Premier 2016

We were delighted to be invited by Universal Studios to appear at the premier of their new movie Ouija Origin Of Evil.  

The Premier  took place in the Savoy Cinema Dublin  on Tuesday the 18th of October 2016.

We had a lovely time reading for those present  inclucing Universal Studios staff and Spin 1038 staff who had an outside broadcast unit at the event.  We then watched  the movie.  

A massive thanks to Universal Studios and Spin 1038 fro the invite , we had  a great evening.



Faith-Hungry Irish people are meeting up to talk to their dead loved ones and get confirmation of life after death. So called 'platform readings' which is what famous Mediums like Sally Morgan do are being arrannged at venus big and small every week and their popularity is increasing. People of all faiths gather and the Mediums who say they can communicate with the souls of the dead get information from the spirits there in the room

They get precise details from a dead loved on such as when they died and what from which leaves the living relatives sitting in the audience in awe and their popularity is rising because Mediums like Tom Colton (36) from Dublin keep getting it right which results in word spreading and bigger crowds turning up each week.
The star went to one such reading.......

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Angels Love performed readings for the celebrities  on TV s' Celebrity Salon in 2012 as part of teh tv show.

Celebrity Salon saw 6 celebrities living together for 12 days with one ultimate goal: to turn them into hardened beauty professionals. A gaggle of Ireland's most famous faces did battle in the Irelands most anticipated reality show.

This Video  is an edited version of what was aired on the tv show .



Chritine & Orla (Angels Love) joined fellow medium Tom Colton at the Leprecaun Museum, Dublin, for a paranormal investigation.  

Thre was some very weird happenings that night you can listen to it all in the player below, Just click the play button.

This event was broadcast by 4 FM at Halloween 2011

Here is a video about the night


News & Events

Seeing Feeling Sensing Energy Workshop

19 January 2017

Date 19 th March 2017 Seeing-Feeling- Sensing Energy Do you believe we are all made of energy? Have you ever had that overwhelming feeling of a loved one from spirit in your presence? Would you like to learn how to sense when spirit family are near and develop communication with them and your Angels on a physical level? At this workshop we invite you to join us on a journey of discovery with your angels and spirit world, a journey of learning about energy, vibration and how love affects all. On this one day event we will look at different…

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Angel Love Workshop

19 January 2017

Date 26 February 2017   The workshop covers topics such as:     Chakras and Auras and how they assist in mediumship   Your Psychic Strengths: The differences between Clairvoyance, Clairsentience and Clairaudience The difference between Psychic vs. Mediumship Linking with Spirit and how to blend with their energy Receiving and validating the evidence Discovering what methods work best for you Spiritual growth and continued development How certain meditations will enhance your work Ethical responsibilities of being a medium  

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Acu Meditation

19 January 2017

Date 31st January 2017    Acu-meditation is the combination of both, acupuncture and meditation together to balance and heal the body and mind. Acu-meditation is the use of needles inserted into the body’s meridians (The body’s energy pathways) to help clear blockages and promote the flow of Qi bringing about harmony and restoring balance to the mind, body and soul. These needles are inserted prior to bringing the body into a meditative state heightening the healing process of meditation. Acu-meditation has many different benefits both physical and spiritual which can help anybody wanting to take ownership of their mind and…

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Angel Table

19 January 2017

27 January 2017   What is special and unique about the Angel Table is that you personally get to feel the love and support of your loved ones once again around a table through the love and guidance of the Angels. The concept of the Angel Table is built around the idea of family coming together at home around the table to sit, laugh, love, cry, share and support each other. Through the Angel Table you can still feel this connection with your loved ones in Heaven.    At an Angel Table evening both Anthony and Angeline work with the…

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Angels Love Classes 2017

19 January 2017

Mediumship Develeopment   Christine Holds her mediumship development class every Wednesday evening from 8 to 10 pm in our Holistic Center. Learn to connect to the Angels and pass messages from loved ones. Accelerate your spiritual developement in a friendly and supportive enviroment. Suitable for students at all levels of their journey.   Mindfulness And Medittaion Orla's Meditation and Mindfullness Class has a new time from September 2016 it will be on Monday evenings from 7.00 to 8.30 pm in our holistic center. Come join us for 1.5 hours of complete relaxation as we work through our beautiful mindfulness and…

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Our Latest Reviews

Sharon Latchford
09 Mar 2017 15:45

Thanks to Orla for an amazing Mam was delighted and cannot thank you enough. x

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Catherine King
09 Mar 2017 15:44

had an amazing reading today with christine so beautiful .. thanks so much x

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Emer Nolan
09 Mar 2017 15:41

Thanks orla for the amazing reading.. you have a lovely energy and gave me a lot of comfort with what you picked up. I was amazed at how spot on you were with Everything. You mentioned a few people I didn't know and I found out who they were a [ ... ]

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Donna Batt
09 Mar 2017 15:40

A really great experience. Both women where lovely one looked after myself and the other my mam. We both came out feeling closer to our lost loved ones with memories only we knew of. Thanks for such a lovely time I'll be recommending to everyo [ ... ]

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Mary Fay
09 Mar 2017 15:39

Thank u so much to christine for my reading my dad came through to me and everything u told me was spot on thank u so much wud defo recommend angels love to anyone looking for readings orla n christine amazing work amazing girls xxx

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Dionne Hanney
09 Mar 2017 15:39

I had an absolutely fantastic reading with Orla yesterday. She described my loved ones brilliantly and made me feel so relaxed. The shop is so calming and both girls are so welcoming and are just really really lovely people. I would love to go bac [ ... ]

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Marian B
28 Feb 2017 10:23

Hi ya orla,   Many thanks for the wonderful medium reading last Friday. I'm amazed how accurate you were. Will certainly made another appointment soon.

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24 Feb 2017 10:49

Amazing Experience

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Elayne B
24 Feb 2017 10:48

absolutely wonderful experience. 2nd time for me and both Orla and Christine were so spot on and took such care to help.Thank you so much for all your kindness

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Rachel O
24 Feb 2017 10:47

I had a reading with Orla. She has and amazing gift. I didn't really have to ask any questions, she was so spot on with the reading. I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I'll definitely be back for another reading.

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Susan S
24 Feb 2017 10:46

I had a wonderful reading with Orla which left me with feelings of great comfort. I felt completely uplifted when leaving and the whole experience was positive and fulfilling. I can't wait for my next visit.

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Katie Connor
24 Feb 2017 10:45

Thank you so much ladies for the amazing experience I had with my angel reading. Your new space is beautiful and as always I left comforted and content. You're both such lovely women and thank you for sharing your gift with others x

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Leona Dolan
24 Feb 2017 10:43

Had a lovely reading in Angels Love yesterday thanks Christine. I felt so at ease and was amazed at the information Christine could tell me that no one else could possibly have known. I would highly recommend anyone to go and see Christine and Orl [ ... ]

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Lavinia Ruddell
24 Feb 2017 10:40

I had a lovely reading with Christine today. She described my Nanny really well. Loved what she had to say she put my mind at ease, really relaxed atmosphere. So glad I went today it made a really shit day end well. Thank you Christine. I will be  [ ... ]

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Dionne Hanney
24 Feb 2017 10:39

I had an absolutely fantastic reading with Orla yesterday. She described my loved ones brilliantly and made me feel so relaxed. The shop is so calming and both girls are so welcoming and are just really really lovely people. I would love to go bac [ ... ]

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Linda Egan
04 Feb 2017 11:42

I have goosebumps, my auntie Patricia came through and a few others, the medium got the name right and all the details, her and my mother were very close and at the funeral my mother rubbed her face, the medium was saying that Patricia said this,  [ ... ]

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Kerry Cahill Gallagher
04 Feb 2017 11:41

Had such a lovely healing reading today with Christine. Both ladies so welcoming. The shop is so peaceful and lovely as is the room for the reading. Totally not what I was expecting, was so glad my mam came through brings me alot of peace knowing  [ ... ]

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04 Feb 2017 11:40

My Reading with Christine was amazing - I am still in awe! Thanks for sharing your amazing gift! It's so special to be able to avail of a reading with you. Thank you

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Elaine Tighe
04 Feb 2017 11:39

Christine & Orla are amazing. They are warm, friendly, totally put you at ease, tranquil. Don't doubt, just listen.

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Joanne C (surname withheld)
04 Feb 2017 11:38

I loved every moment of my reading. I'm fact I actually left on a high. Wonderful reading with so much truth in it. Literally cannot recommend these ladies enough. Best money I ever spent , still glowing after it

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04 Feb 2017 11:36

Orla your reading was amazing thankyou so much. It was such a healing experience . You have such a special gift Orla. Thankyou i.ll definitely be back.

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Vikki Doyle
04 Feb 2017 11:35

Really enjoyed the experience, sat for most of it in awe but now that I've had time to think of what was said, I have great peace of mind. Thank you xxx

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Jasmine Burrows
24 Oct 2016 09:49

Visited today and had what I can say is an amazing reading with Christine, completely realistic and such a lovely woman. Can't believe the stuff that was brought up and loved every minute of it , highly recommended to anyone thanks again Chris [ ... ]

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Claire Larkin
24 Oct 2016 09:48

I had an amazing reading experience today with Orla. What a lovely woman she is. The reading was great got to hear thing I needed too and let know my love ones are at rest. Was told thing that no one could know Thanks Orla xx

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Grace Nolan
24 Oct 2016 09:46

I have never been to a spiritual reading before and I have never been so amazed in my life for anyone looking to feel a sense of healing or guidance angels love are they women to go to! Orla you amazed me and I am so thankful I got the chance to b [ ... ]

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Tara Mc Hugh
24 Oct 2016 09:45

Thanks Orla for today, I really enjoyed the reading and you were so spot on. I will definitely be back and will recommend you highly to my friends and family. Celine will love her little gift and message, you are so good. I will call by to shop in [ ... ]

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Vera Murphy
24 Oct 2016 09:43

I had a reading with orla , who was very warm and welcoming and I was very satisfied with my reading. I will return again.

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Courtney Doherty
18 Oct 2016 09:32

Christine and orla are earth angels. Here to help and spread light and teach us that we all have it in us to make that connection. Thank you for everything you do for everyone you come in contact with and keep shining. Love and light Sharon + Cour [ ... ]

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Noleen Reynolds
18 Oct 2016 09:31

I had a reading with Christine a couple of years ago and more recently with Orla. What fantastic ladies they both are. They were both so incredibly detailed about all of my deceased loved ones. They both put me so at ease and gave me the most wond [ ... ]

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18 Oct 2016 09:29

I found my experience with angels love very comforting. There is a lovely calming feeling and both readings I had were very accurate. Thank you

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Laura Raheny
10 Oct 2016 13:38

I had experience of been to a medium before who was absolutely excellent. Unfortunately she passed away. I was sure I would never get to see anyone as good. However I went for a card reading with Orla, SHE IS 10 OUT OF 10. I have told my Friends  [ ... ]

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Patricia N
10 Oct 2016 13:29

I did a reading with Orla and it was just fantastic. She is so kind and has such a warm energy, she makes you feel completely at ease. Thank you so much, I will see you again soon. Much light and love to you both.

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Elizabeth Crilly
10 Oct 2016 10:24

Wow what a great day I've been on a high all day thanks to these guys and the amazing mediumship reading I had so so happy with it and would highly recommend them to anyone xx

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Christopher Cawley
10 Oct 2016 10:24

Absoultey Brilliant all day I've just being so happy form what I heard it was great and I'd 100% recommend this place for other people that want to hear from all there Loved Ones I got a great reading today and I'm so happy with it tha [ ... ]

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Amy Lewis
10 Oct 2016 10:23

I got a reading off Christine this morning and I was simply just blown away by it , the girls are absolutely amazing at what they do and are two genuinely lovely people ! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders after it and i ca [ ... ]

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D O Gorman
10 Oct 2016 09:50

Another amazing reading with Orla, you will be blown away as to how accurate she is, another very satisfied customer, thanks again

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Laura Ryan
10 Oct 2016 09:49

Love going to Angels Love . Always make you feel welcome, nice engery in the shop,  have it lovely and relaxing vibe to the place. They always get everything spot on too will defo be back love going here...

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Michelle Kelly
10 Oct 2016 09:43

This was my first to try Angels Love, I had a lovely experience and would go again. The two girls made me feel very at ease and were very friendly, Thank you girls.  

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Lorna Morgan
05 Jul 2016 09:36

Got an amazing reading this morning off Christina in angels love. Some very special people came to me and really exiting future ahead of me. Some very special questions answered and lots of good news Thanks so much I really loved my re [ ... ]

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Christine O Hanlon
05 Jul 2016 09:36

I had a fantastic reading with Orla recently. All the details she gave me were very specific and so accurate. I was amazed. It was wonderful to hear the messages from loved ones and and very uplifting and emotional. She has such a lovely way about [ ... ]

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Mariachiara Rusca
05 Jul 2016 09:34

I have known Christine and Orla for a few years now and I can sincerely say they have always been amazing to me. The messages they have delivered from my loved ones over the years have been unquestionably life-changing and always so detailed they  [ ... ]

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Louise Kelly
29 Apr 2016 11:15

Had an amazing reading with Orla yesterday. This was my second time to see her and once again i was blown away by how accurate she is. Also Orla and Christine are such warm welcoming people. I shed a lot of tears while i was there but in a really  [ ... ]

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Caroline Perry
29 Apr 2016 11:13

Hi I had a reading today with christine at the fair and I have to say I was very very impressed. I came out of it feeling very emotional and releaved at what I was told. I cannot recommend these girls enough. I will be back for another reading whe [ ... ]

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Sonia Grogan
29 Apr 2016 11:12

Went for a reading with Orla today in the holistic fair in Carnegie Court Hotel . Although I was nervous at first Orla calmed me and her reading was amazing . It gave me huge comfort even though I was so emotional through it . What she told me nob [ ... ]

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Caroline Waters (2016)
12 Feb 2016 10:39

2nd time visiting you and had the most amazing time today! My friend and I can't wait to go back sometime! Thank you girls for everything x

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Laura Brennan
12 Feb 2016 10:37

I would highly recommend these girls to anyone. This was my first time having a reading done and i was sceptical but i could not belive what I was told. Orla was amazing and gave me alot of answers.

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Brian McAuley
12 Feb 2016 10:36

I went in with 5 questions l needed answered to both clarify my position in life and move forward . I got 10 questions answered!!!  Had a amazing experience , connected with my loved ones and felt a weight lifted from my shoulders! I highly r [ ... ]

Read More
Jennifer Lawless
09 Feb 2016 10:22

Hi Orla and Christine. I can't thank you both for such a lovely evening. From the moment you both walked in the door you both had an amazing energy and a warm presence. Made the group feel at ease straight away.  As far as the reading [ ... ]

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Mary Condren
09 Feb 2016 10:21

I had the most amazing reading with Orla, I couldn't believe how accurate everything was that she was telling me, my Dad definitely came through & gave me so many messages which was so comforting to me. Both Orla & Christine are 2 of t [ ... ]

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John Feegan
09 Feb 2016 10:20

very detailed iformation and very accurate relaxed environment

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09 Feb 2016 10:20

I met with Orla and had a beautiful reading. She very accurately described a family member who passed not so long ago. She had some lovely messages for me and made me feel very comfortable. She is a lovely person and her reading will have you walk [ ... ]

Read More
09 Feb 2016 10:19

Amazing reading from Orla, so accurate & reassuring that out loved ones are watching over us. Thank you 

Read More
Niamh Andrews
09 Feb 2016 10:11

Christine and Orla thank you. Myself and my mam are so happy to have our readings done from both of you. Lovely ladies. We just want to say thank you and we feel great after it. We both are going to highly recommend you to others. Also love my gif [ ... ]

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Ciara Andrews
09 Feb 2016 10:10

Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend! Orla was absolutely amazing! Such a lovely lady and feeling so more relaxed now. Xxx

Read More
Mary Salmon 2016
09 Feb 2016 10:08

Christine thank you so much for such a special reading yesterday , you are truly gifted , I came home with such a warm heart ❤. It was one to remember,

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Karen Doyle
14 Dec 2015 10:36

had a fabulous reading from the very kind hearted christine who gave me peace with my reading very very accurate this woman is kindness in abundance cant recommend her enough thank you from the bottom of my heart xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Geraldine Ward Goddard
14 Dec 2015 10:35

Just a few words of thanks to Orla who gave me a beautiful reading. Everything thing she said was true and some names i couldnt think of who they at the time came to me went I went home and had a think, It is amazing how lifted you feel after a re [ ... ]

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Kar Fowler
14 Dec 2015 10:34

Thank you so much Orla for the reading this morning spot on with everything will be back to see you again your a diamond xxxxxxx

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Catriona Purcell
14 Dec 2015 10:29

"Orla is just on this time and the last time i saw her...highly recommended :)"

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Siobhan Fitzpatrick
13 Nov 2015 11:21

"I couldn't believe how accurate the reading was. Even though I was unsure of some of the things said at the reading, on my way home I was Remembering things and what was said was in fact correct. Amazing."

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Francine Wyse
13 Nov 2015 11:21

"Thoroughly enjoyed our readings, some of our group were blown away by what came through for them!"

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Elaine Walsh
13 Nov 2015 11:20

Had a lovely reading with Orla and she was bang on with so much information. Best reading I've ever had done. Would recommend anyone to go to Angels Love. Best of luck ladies with your official opening. You both deserve every success xx

Read More
Karen Fowler
13 Nov 2015 11:18

Thank you so much Orla for the reading this morning spot on with everything will be back to see you again your a diamond xxxxxxxx

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Rose (Anon)
29 Oct 2015 10:31

I had a wonderful positive experience. I have told lots of my family and friends about the reading I had and I would highly recommend a reading with the girls to anyone!

Read More
Martin Baker
29 Oct 2015 10:26

"Amazing experience , was nervous but as soon as I sat down I could feel the energy around me, still feel it hours later. very accurate reading , will go back again no question about that."

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Alan (name withheld)
22 Oct 2015 07:47

Well finally went to see Angels Love for a reading.  I'm not really sure whether i wanted to go as I'm not into readings or angel cards but I said i'd go anyway.     All I can is that I was shocked how a woman I  [ ... ]

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05 Oct 2015 11:05

Hi ladies , I really enjoyed my reading with Christine she was very very accurate , I found it to a great comfort to have my guardian angels around me . I only thought after another spirit who came forward the name meant nothing at that moment [ ... ]

Read More
Deidre Ward
02 Oct 2015 10:05

"The best reading I've ever had, very impressed , emotional and I left a very happy woman after getting the answers I needed.. I would recommend these lovely ladies to everyone !!!"

Read More
Stacey Maples
30 Sep 2015 14:04

"Beautiful interaction , accurate reading. Orla was a lovely kind lady who delivered some beautiful messages x "

Read More
30 Sep 2015 14:03

"It was wonderful experience! Absolutely happy I did it.If somebody planned to do the same thing , I can strongly recommend Angeles Love. Amazing emotions and a great state of mind after that. "

Read More
Carole Greenan
30 Sep 2015 14:02

"Amazing reading with Christine x"

Read More
Mary Keeling
26 Sep 2015 11:23

Fab reading here this morning. Feeling wonderful after it. Thank you xx

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The Mediums will be available for a meet and greet after the demonstration and to answer any questions. If you would like further details please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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